As temperatures plummer winter service is launched

As temperatures continue to drop, Kent County Council has today (Friday) rolled out its gritters which will remain in operation until March.

The county’s 64 gritter trucks have warmed their engines by taking part in a dry run of the 53 gritting routes.

They are now on standby for when the temperatures plummet and staff are keeping a beady eye on 13 weather stations which determine when gritting needs to take place.

Last year’s relatively warm winter still saw the gritters cover about 70,000 miles across Kent, which is about 80 trips from Land’s End to John o’ Groats.

KCC grits over 2,500 miles of Kent’s roads and has 53 primary salting routes covering 1,300 miles of road.

There are over 2,000 salt bins in parishes across the county and KCC is backed up by around 117 farmers to help plough 208 rural routes during bad snow.

Kent County Council Cabinet Member for Environment & Transport Matthew Balfour, said:

“It might be a little chillier in the morning at the moment but freezing conditions can strike early and we’re fully prepared for this. A winter service runs between now and March and we’re stocked up with 20,000 tonnes of salt, held in a network of depots across the county.

“Whilst we’re confident we’re prepared, I’d urge everyone to make sure they’re ready for the winter months by checking over their cars, particularly brakes, topping up anti-freeze and ensuring their tyres are in the best condition for maximum safety. As ever, check the weather before travelling and make use of our salt bins to improve grip on roads and pavements.”

A competition for children is also being launched inviting them to come up with a name for two of KCCs mini gritters.

They are designed to enable the gritting of narrow roads on the county’s primary routes.

The competition, where you have to come up with a name for the gritters, is run via Kent County Council’s Twitter @Kent_CC and Facebook page and will be posted shortly at

As part of the launch, KCC is urging the public to be prepared too.

  • Make sure you have prepared and your vehicle is ready for winter driving
  • Plan ahead and check traffic information and weather reports before driving
  • Only drive if absolutely essential when there is heavy snow
  • KCC cannot clear pavements, so take extra care when walking. Please use available salt bins to scatter over pavements and roads.
  • Make sure you check your tyres as lower treads can cause skidding.
  • It may be sunny but always check the weather before travelling.

For up to date information about when the team is out, follow @grittingkent on Twitter.

For more information about Kent’s Winter Service, where you can also see a map of gritting routes, visit:


Gritter names and district covered

Gritter name


ImaGritter Dover / Thanet
NittyGritty Dover / Thanet
Salty Dover / Thanet
Gritsy Dover / Thanet
SnowDestroyer Dover / Thanet
SirGritalot Dover / Thanet
Thor Dover / Thanet
Sprinkle Dover / Thanet
Stormtrooper Dover / Thanet
Iceotron Dartford / Gravesham
JackFrost Dartford / Gravesham
Gritterati Dartford / Gravesham
Frosty Dartford / Gravesham
Grit4u Dartford / Gravesham
Snowmageddon Dartford / Gravesham
Eskisnow Dartford / Gravesham
SaltShaker Dartford / Gravesham
SnowQueen Dartford / Gravesham
SnowGlow Maidstone / Tonbridge & Malling
ShowSnowMercy Maidstone / Tonbridge & Malling
SnowEater Maidstone / Tonbridge & Malling
AuntyFreeze Maidstone / Tonbridge & Malling
Margrit Maidstone / Tonbridge & Malling
GritBritain Maidstone / Tonbridge & Malling
TheGrittalo Maidstone / Tonbridge & Malling
Snowminator Maidstone / Tonbridge & Malling
Gritteriam Maidstone / Tonbridge & Malling
IceBreaker Maidstone / Tonbridge & Malling
Snowbot Maidstone / Tonbridge & Malling
Snowdium Maidstone / Tonbridge & Malling
BananaGrit Maidstone / Tonbridge & Malling
GreatGritain Sevenoaks / Tunbridge Wells
Gritspur Sevenoaks / Tunbridge Wells
Antifreeze Sevenoaks / Tunbridge Wells
IvorGritspeader Sevenoaks / Tunbridge Wells
Gritrophenia Sevenoaks / Tunbridge Wells
Lambourgritti Sevenoaks / Tunbridge Wells
SnowBosher Sevenoaks / Tunbridge Wells
GreatGritsby Sevenoaks / Tunbridge Wells
IceKrispie Sevenoaks / Tunbridge Wells
BobbySnow Shepway / Ashford
SnowFarah Shepway / Ashford
Snowy Shepway / Ashford
SnowStorm Shepway / Ashford
Grittzee Shepway / Ashford
MrCool Shepway / Ashford
IceCruncher Shepway / Ashford
Grittergritten Shepway / Ashford
FlameGritter Swale / Canterbury
Gritanation Swale / Canterbury
SnowStormer Swale / Canterbury
Crunchy Swale / Canterbury
FrostGiant Swale / Canterbury
GrittyGritty Swale / Canterbury
GritneySkiers Swale / Canterbury
SnowWhite Swale / Canterbury
FreddieSalted Swale / Canterbury
SnowEliminator Shepway / Canterbury
TerrorGritter Shepway / Canterbury
MrSnow Shepway / Canterbury




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