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Canterbury Wildcats at Simon Langton Girls’ Grammar


Our Wildcats Girls’ Football Centre provides girls aged 5-11 years old with the opportunity to have fun, make friends and play football.

This friendly environment lead by an experienced all-female coaching team develops girls’ physical and social skills and, we hope, will inspire a lifelong love of the game.

The FA has designed the Wildcats programme to embrace difference and to welcome girls of all abilities, backgrounds and experiences. So much has been achieved in progressing women and girls’ football in recent years, and our very own Canterbury Old Bags United have been trailblazers for women’s participation in the sport. So the Eagles are delighted to be able to team up with the Bags to offer this fantastic introduction to football for girls in our area.

What to wear and bring

There’s no need to worry about having the latest football kit or splashing out on expensive uniforms – girls can wear almost anything to an SSE Wildcats session.

The important thing is that they feel comfortable and confident so they can get the most out of the session.

These clothing and footwear tips will give you an idea of what’s suitable but it’s also worth checking with your local Wildcats manager.

The type of venue varies at each SSE Wildcats centre – it might take place on a pitch, in a sports hall or even in a school playground – and the manager can provide additional advice specific to the venue.

Wildcats is proudly sponsored by Charles Bainbridge.


Location: Simon Langton Girls' Grammar School, Old Dover Road, Canterbury, CT1 3EW
From: 24 October 2020 10:00 To : 24 October 2020 11:00
Location: Simon Langton Girls' Grammar School, Old Dover Road, Canterbury, CT1 3EW
Cost: £ 3

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