4 Easy Steps to Lose the Lockdown Weight

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Learn the 4 easy steps to lose the Lockdown weight & keep it off! No faddy diets or pills, just a fresh approach in this FREE online event.

Hi! I’m Anita

One thing I’ve discovered over the past 10 years of helping clients is that when we don’t feel good about ourselves or our relationships, we look for other ways to feel good.

All too often this is food. Unhealthy, fatty and sugar filled food. Which then makes us feel even worse about ourselves, filled with shame and guilt, beating ourselves up because “we can’t do anything right”, feeling like such a failure and poor role model to our children.

So you try and try, all those things that promise you’ll get skinny quick, the restrictive diets, the fiddly lean in 15 diets, the shakes, the juices, the diet pills…. The list goes on and on, but nothing is sustainable and keeps the weight off.

I want to show you something completely different, for real women who want real and lasting results.

In this online training:

  • You’ll learn how to never worry again about what you eat because you won’t NEED those emotional substitutes to make you feel good
  • You’ll learn how to feel good about yourself, right here right now, without even having lost a single pound in weight
  • And you’ll learn how to have the best relationships ever, as you uncover your own self worth and let that shine out to all those around you

Discover the 4 easy steps to lose weight permanently – Weight Loss the Enlightened Way and discover the secret to loving yourself today with the Honesty Weight Loss Circle, in this free online training.

Register now to discover how to regain control over your body and health, shed excess weight and all without faddy meal plans, moving into the gym or taking “diet” pills.

* This is a FREE online event. There are No Costs but seats are very limited.

** You will receive an email with a Zoom link after your registration confirmation.


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From: 23 September 2020 10:30 To : 01 October 2020 20:00
Location: Chelmsford
Cost: FREE

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