Why Advertise on Instagram?

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Over one billion people use Instagram every single day, which is why Instagram is one of the best social media platforms to use to advertise a business or product. If you’ve decided to advertise on the platform but don’t know what steps to follow in order to do so, our article on How to Advertise on Instagram might be helpful. If you’re unsure about why advertising on Instagram is a good idea, here are the reasons why you should consider advertising your business or product on the famous platform.

You can target a specific audience

When you advertise on Instagram, you have the option to target your specific audience in a more precise way. This is because you can also advertise on Instagram by using Facebook Ads Manager, which has an enhanced targeting section. You can be more specific since you’re able to target an audience based on demographics or interests. This will result in your advert showing up in the feed of your exact target audience, increasing your chances of getting a new customer, as well as a sale.

It can increase brand awareness

Another reason why you should advertise on Instagram is due to the fact that the platform can increase brand awareness. This is especially ideal for those whose brands focus on visual elements. Due to Instagram’s ability to reach a wide range of audiences, people will be able to get to know more about your business or product, which can pique their interest and can also increase website traffic. If you continue to increase your business’ presence on Instagram, this can result in trust between you and your consumers.

You can track your advert

Tracking your adverts are important since you’ll be able to check whether they are successful in reaching your target audience. By choosing to advertise on Instagram, you’re also able to track your ad campaigns and gain an insight into how well your advert is doing. These are insights such as analytics showing engagements or how many sales and leads your advert has gained.

It can be budget friendly

Advertising on Instagram can be budget friendly. If you don’t have a massive budget, you can still advertise on Instagram even if you pay less. You will still be able to reach a wider audience as long as your ad campaign is effective. This is due to the fact that Instagram advertising is another form of a pay-per-click advert, which means you won’t be charged anything unless a user clicks on your advert, goes to your website or purchases a product from your website. However, remember that you may have to adjust your expectations if you’ve paid less when compared to other businessowners who have paid more.

There’s an opportunity to build a connection with your audience for free

When advertising on Instagram, you also have the option to promote your business yourself for free if you don’t have the money to pay for advertising. As long as you post engaging content with relevant hashtags, those who find your posts interesting will like and comment, which will result in you and your business building a connection with your target audience. This is especially the case if you frequently interact with your audience, such as liking and replying to comments or reacting to stories that tag your business. In order to build a connection, make sure you post content your target audience will like. You can then check the engagements to determine what your audience does like and what they don’t like.


These are the reasons why you should advertise on Instagram. For advice, enquiries or to advertise your business with CommunityAd, don’t hesitate to contact us here for further information.

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