What Do Advertisers Do?


Advertising is a type of promotional activity that aims to sell a product, service or idea to a target audience. The target audience is usually tailored to what a company or a business produces. For example, the target audience for a company or a business that produces vegan products will be individuals who are vegan.

According to the Advertising Association of the UK, advertisements are usually paid for with an intention of informing or influencing people who receive them. Most of the time, advertisements can be used to inspire change.

Advertisements are also known as adverts and they are present on all types of media, such as billboards, your TV, social media sites, print (magazines and newspapers) and many more. Adverts will typically be promoted by advertising companies or agencies, who will have copy editors and designers to help with the production of the advert. They are also known as advertisers.

Advertisers will help companies create and plan, as well as distribute advertising campaigns. As mentioned above, these advertising agencies have individuals who specialise in certain aspects of advertising. Not only will they assist in designing and editing adverts, but advertisers will also have visualisers, brand managers, researchers, those who specialise in user experience and those who who are experienced in digital marketing.

If you want to know more about advertisers, the following information highlights the benefits of hiring one.

Advertisers have the knowledge and expertise

Advertisers have knowledge about how to represent your product or your company on the market. Moreover, most advertisers will also be experts on how to utilise online mediums, such as Facebook and Instagram, in order to reach your target audience. Nowadays, these agencies are knowledgeable in terms of SEO, which stands for search engine optimisation. This is important since a lot of people go online almost everyday. Consulting an advertiser with SEO expertise will certainly help in giving your product or company the online exposure needed for growth.

Advertisers can help with brand development

If you have a business, developing your brand can be a complex job. Due to their design expertise, advertisers will be able to help with developing your website and logo, as well as adverts that will increase brand awareness. As mentioned previously, these agencies will also have researchers available to give you more information about which market is the most effective to target.

Advertisers can help you save money

If you hire an advertiser, they will be able to help you save money on ad placements. This is due to the fact that some agencies have discounts from publishers, radio stations and TV stations, which means they have the possibility of attaining cheaper rates for you. Advertisers can also create effective adverts while only filling up a small amount of space.

Advertisers can help you save time

Another benefit of hiring an advertiser is that they will help save you time. This is because agencies will do all the work of developing your campaign and advertising your product or business, which means you and your staff won’t have to spend time on creating an advert and a campaign. It may also be that you don’t have any staff who are knowledgeable about advertising, so it’s best if you hire an expert who will be able to help your business grow.


This is what an advertiser does and the benefits of hiring one. For help, enquiries or to advertise your business with us, don’t hesitate to contact us here.

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