Trick or Treating Etiquette & Safety

trick or treating - trick or treat on wooden sign in front of two pumpkins

Halloween is right around the corner waiting for a scare. And when there’s Halloween, there’s also a night of costumes, horror films and sweets! For children who love all sorts of sweets and candies, this spooky day lets them stuff their faces after a few rounds of trick or treat. But it can be hard not to get wary when you’re wandering during the night… If you’re worried, the following trick or treat etiquette and safety tips might put your mind at ease.

two pumpkins on brown wooden tableKnock on Halloween-friendly houses

Not everyone is inspired by the spirits of Halloween and might not want to be disturbed during the night. A general rule of thumb is to only knock on houses that have Halloween decorations up. This can range from pumpkins to spooky spider webs. Simply put, if you see any sign that a household wants to get involved, get your bag ready and knock on their door! Never go to a dark house or go to the same house more than once, and try not to disturb anyone after 8 or 9pm.

Respect the property

Whenever you’re stepping onto someone else’s property, it’s important to stay respectful. Make sure you use the right entrance or path and avoid jumping any bushes or landscape. You don’t want to damage anything by accident.

Stay polite

When trick or treating, make sure you stay polite by saying thank you to the homeowner afterwards. Taking a sweet and just running off might be considered rude and inappropriate.

toddler wearing snow white costume and holding hands with dad Keep an eye on your children

Every parent goes trick or treating with their children, but it’s easy to lose track of hyperactive toddlers when they run off. To avoid this, make sure you keep an eye on your children at all times since it can be dangerous if they disappear. Try to hold their hand if you can and always have them walking in front of you if you’re not holding their hand. It’s also a good idea to tell them not to wander off.

Don’t eat any homemade or unwrapped sweets

To be safe, don’t let your children eat any homemade or unwrapped sweets. It’s always important not to eat these types of sweets from strangers since you don’t know what’s inside them. Your child might be allergic to one or more ingredients.

Plan your route

Planning your route is also important since you may want to stick to safer roads. These are roads or paths you and your children are familiar with. When walking around, make sure your children are reminded about road and traffic safety, especially if there are no reflective materials on their costumes. Remind them about looking when crossing and using zebra crossings. Just in case someone gets lost, consider arranging a safe meeting place too.

Bring a flashlight

A flashlight is handy for when you’re walking on dark paths and need to see where you’re headed. It will also help in knowing where your children are and whether they’re safe. If you want to increase your safety, wear some reflective gear such as reflective necklaces.

Person Wearing A Ghost Costume With A Lantern


These are a few of the trick or treating etiquette and safety tips you should take note of. If you need help during your trick or treating night, don’t hesitate to contact our first aid services from our directory here. For more Halloween events, you can also get in touch with our event experts. If your child still needs a costume, have a scroll through our costume hire and fancy dress shops for a spooky array of clothes… In the meantime, Happy Halloween!

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