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Top 5 Tips for Moving House

moving house - couple packing things into boxes

If you’ve decided to move house and paid the deposit for your dream property, you’re probably thinking about getting ready for the big move. Moving to a new home is exciting, but it can be stressful if there’s so much to do. But don’t worry, these top five tips will help you get organised!

Pack early

A lot of people leave packing to the last minute when they’re moving houses, but you’re giving yourself a free ticket on the ex-stress train. It can be overwhelming and daunting to start packing your whole life into boxes. However, if you pack early, the moving out date will be swift and easy. You also won’t have to do an all-nighter to make sure that everything is packed.

If you don’t know where to start, break it down into parts. Focus on one room and then the next room and so on. Alternatively, you can have a removals company do the packing for you, but you may have to pay extra.

If you’re struggling to pack, have a read through Bournes’ packing tips for moving house.

Label any boxes

To avoid confusion, make sure that any boxes are labelled. When labelling, it’s a good idea to label more than one side just in case your boxes are stacked high. This is an easy way to determine whether you need the items in the box without having to check each one. If you want to be organised, write down a little description of what’s inside. This should help you avoid creating a mess in your new home!

Make use of zipped laundry bags

Instead of using a lot of plastic bags and black sacks, use zipped laundry bags from IKEA. These bags are perfect for clothes that can’t fit in your suitcase, such as big coats and shoes. If you don’t have an IKEA near you or think that delivery will be too late (if you decide to buy online), head over to shops like Poundstretcher where jumbo laundry bags are available.

Check if your furniture can fit through any doors

This is a big moving day problem you want to avoid. There are many people who forget about their furniture or misjudge entrance sizes, which can cause a big headache. This is especially the case if you’ve built flat pack furniture that needs to come apart again. If it does, make sure you read through any guides and the instruction booklet. If you’re unsure about whether your furniture can fit through entrances, measure your furniture and the door entrance to find out. You should also check whether any arms on giant sofas can be removed.

If you need to remove a window or door, make sure you let your chosen removals company know. If you need to disassemble wooden furniture, have a read through our article on the Tips for Disassembling Wooden Furniture, which might be helpful.

Keep your essentials together

For essentials that you need to unpack first, it’s ideal to keep them together in one box or bag. These are essentials such as your kettle, tea, coffee, sugar, milk, food, toiletries, etc. You should also keep a mental note of where your bedding essentials are. To be more organised, keep your remote controls, chargers, wires and other items you’re likely to lose in one box too. For any valuables and important documents, make sure they are kept somewhere safe.


These are the top five tips for moving house, which hopefully helps you to get organised. For advice, help, or for any enquiries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our removals and storage experts from our directory here.

For more helpful guides on moving houses, have a read through our Moving House Checklist for a Smooth Move!

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