Top 10 Christmas Jumpers This Year

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On the 10th of December, Christmas Jumper Day begins! Launched in 2012 by Save the Children, this is a great day to get into the festive spirit and wear your favourite Christmas jumper! While doing so, you’re helping support families and children in need with just a £1 or £2 donation! If you want to take part in this important cause, make sure you search for your jazziest Christmas jumper. If you don’t have one, our following list of the top 10 Christmas jumpers might give you some inspiration!

1. Elf Christmas Jumper

Starting off our list is an elf Christmas jumper. This is perfect for the small, elf-sized humans out there or for people who just fancy being an elf for one day. To go all out, why not buy a whole elf costume too? Dress as an elf and you will surely get some laughs here and there!

2. Light-Up Christmas Tree Jumper

If you truly want to brighten someone’s day, this light-up Christmas tree jumper is the one! Not only is it quirky, it has actual lighting up abilities too! All you have to do is flick a switch and you’re good to go! You can light up any dull room with this jumper and even add to the festive atmosphere.

3. ‘Happy Birthday Jesus’ Christmas Jumper

For those who want to stand out, this ‘Happy Birthday Jesus’ Christmas Jumper is a real head turner! Wacky but fun, this quirky design is perfect for people who are comical and want to make a statement.

4. Rudolph Christmas Jumper

Classic and cute, Rudolph Christmas jumpers are also a good choice. Everyone loves the red-nosed reindeer and people, especially children, will surely fall for the jumper and even ask where you bought it from.

5. ‘I Know What You Did Last Christmas’ Jumper

Let’s forget about last summer, it’s all about Christmas now. We all know that Christmas can get crazy and many things can happen. If you want to be cheeky and remind those around you of the memories from the last festive season, wear this ‘I Know What You Did Last Christmas’ jumper and get people laughing. Thick and knitted, it will surely keep you warm and keep your secrets safe too…

6. ‘Santa of Hearts’ Christmas Jumper

If you want to be different and original, this ‘Santa of Hearts’ Christmas jumper will do the trick! Perfect for the card players out there, you can bet all your chips that everyone will be obsessing over it.

7. ‘GINgle Bells’ Christmas Jumper

If you want some humour, this ‘GINgle Bells’ Christmas jumper will surely get people chuckling. This is a playful jumper that pays tribute to the classic jingle bells. However, instead of jingle bells, they’re replaced with two bottles of gin instead, which makes it perfect for the gin lovers out there too!

8. Fair Isle Christmas Jumper

If you’re a fan of intricate designs, a fair isle Christmas jumper is the perfect fit! With many varieties available, you can choose from a range of beautifully crafted patterns. From bold and bright to simple and sophisticated, this knit jumper can tailor to your personal style.

9. ‘Mummy’s Little Pudding’ Christmas Jumper

For the expectant mothers out there, this ‘Mummy’s Little Pudding’ Christmas jumper is the ideal jumper to wear. Cute and simple, it has an illustration of a little pudding that when worn will be placed on the tummy. You’ll surely feel relaxed and you can even choose from a range of colours!

10. ‘Yule Got This’ Christmas Jumper

For more festive spirit, this ‘Yule Got This’ Christmas jumper is a perfect combination of amusing and uplifting. It’s a great reminder to be positive while relishing in the Christmas season. Funky and colourful, anyone’s mood will instantly change when wearing it!


These are the top 10 Christmas jumpers that can inspire you this upcoming Christmas Jumper Day! If you still need to shop for some Christmas necessities, have a browse through our Christmas shops from our directory here. If you still need a tree, our Christmas tree specialists might be able to help. For those who are still looking for the perfect Christmas jumper, make sure you head over to your local clothes shop!

To celebrate this event, make sure you participate by wearing your favourite Christmas jumper or you can sign up on Save the Children’s website to get your free online fundraising pack! Happy Christmas Jumper Day!

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