The Pros and Cons of Cycling to Work

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Whether you’ve recently started cycling or have been doing it for a long time as a hobby, you may have decided that it’s time to cycle to work. Cycling has many benefits, but there are also certain aspects you should think about whenever you cycle, especially to work. If you’re unsure about whether to take on this challenge, here are the pros and cons of cycling to work.


It’s good exercise

One pro of cycling to work is the fact that it’s good exercise. If you frequently exercise and you’re worried about not getting enough in your work life, cycling to work is a great way of maintaining it. It’s also a good cardio workout and will enable you to further appreciate the scenery as you cycle.

It helps the environment

Another pro of cycling to work is the fact that it helps the environment too. By cycling to work, you’re not contributing to air pollution and it will lessen the amount of harmful emissions in the air. Whereas, by driving a car, you’re more likely to increase air pollution.

You can enjoy the outdoor scenery more

Enjoying the outdoor scenery is another pro of cycling to work. If you have to get to work early, it’s also a great way to see everything wake up and become alive. The best sunsets and sunrises are seen during cycling, which is why many people are now taking it up. If you love nature, you should definitely consider cycling to work.

It can allow you to socialise

Cycling also allows you to socialise with others. This is especially the case if you have a friend to cycle with. By cycling with others, you have company and someone to talk to, which might make you enjoy cycling more if you’re a sociable person.


It can cause you to sweat

One con of cycling to work is the fact that it can cause you to sweat to the point where you need to refresh yourself with a shower. However, this will depend on how long your journey is and how physically fit you are. If you sweat easily but would still like to cycle, you’ll have to make sure that you leave early in order to have time to freshen up before work.

It can restrict you in terms of clothing

Another con of cycling to work is the fact that it can restrict you in terms of clothing. If you wear a blazer that doesn’t allow you to move much or if you wear a skirt and heels, you’ll have to bring a change of clothes, especially if you sweat easily. However, this gives you another problem since it’s not possible to hang clothes on a bicycle, so your clothes will have to get crumpled up inside a bag.

It’s hard to cycle in extreme weather

Cycling to work in extreme weather is not possible, which is another con to consider. You may need to halt your cycling whenever it’s raining, stormy or snowing and especially if you live in an area where there’s unpredictable weather. Even if it might be sunny, you might still see a downpour of rain.

It might be dangerous to cycle

This is also another con of cycling to work, which will depend on the route you have to take. If you have to take a route that involves bumpy, rocky, narrow roads or roads with no bike lanes, then it might be too dangerous to cycle to work. Therefore, make sure you plan alternative and safer routes.


These are the pros and cons of cycling to work. If you need advice, help, or for any enquiries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our cycle shop and repair experts from our directory here.

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