Show Kindness this Anti-Bullying Week

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From the 15th-19th of November, Anti-Bullying Week begins! With the theme of One Kind Word, this week is all about hope, positivity and the kind things we can do to put a stop to hurtful behaviour. Supported by CBBC, Andy Day and his band the Odd Socks, this week is headlined by Odd Socks Day, which celebrates our uniqueness. And all you have to do is wear odd socks! To celebrate Anti-Bullying Week this year, make sure you show some kindness by trying out the following ways to be kind!

Show compassion

One great act of kindness is showing compassion to others, which can be done through communication. When someone is going through a hard time, communicating your understanding and care will show how important they are to you. Giving an appropriate and emotional response ensures that their feelings are validated and lets them know that you’re always there in times of need.

Make sure you listen

It can be hard for people to express what they’re feeling and open up to others. So, if someone opens up to you, show that you care by listening to their full story. Allowing them to speak without any interruptions shows that what they have to say matters. While letting them talk, you can let them know that you’re listening by giving cues. These are cues such as nodding and eye contact. Patti Wood has many other suggestions through The Body Language of Listening.

Give compliments

Anyone’s day can brighten up with a few compliments here and there. This is a great way to spread some kindness and can make your day too! Knowing that you’ve made someone smile can greatly boost yours and their positivity. So, don’t be shy, give a compliment and watch the person light up!

Make sure you say ‘thank you’

Not many people hear the words ‘thank you’, but a simple thanks can go a long way. So, if anyone has helped you out or done you a service, make sure you return the kindness with a ‘thank you’. Say this to the bus driver, your nail technician, waitress and other workers that have helped you.

Offer help

When anyone’s in need or is going through a difficult time, you can show kindness by offering your help. This can be helping a friend move, giving advice or picking up a belonging someone’s dropped. Any kind of help is appreciated and you’re easing someone else’s burden, even if it’s only a little bit. You can even think outside the box and be more creative! By doing this, you’re discovering different ways to help other people.

Give someone a gift

Since Christmas is approaching, you can give someone a gift to say your thanks! However, it doesn’t need to be a special occasion. A ‘thank you’ gift can be given whenever you want to express gratitude. To make it extra special, you can even consider creating a homemade gift! Taking the time to create a gift will let the receiver know how special they are to you.


These are some of the ways to show kindness this Anti-Bullying Week, which hopefully brings a smile to yours and other people’s faces. To participate in the Anti-Bullying Alliance’s One Kind Word, make sure you read through the different ways you can participate here. Make someone smile with one kind word a day!

If you want to donate to a charity, have a browse through our charities from our directory here. To help support the Anti-Bullying Alliance, head over to their donation page!

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