Pass Your Driving Test Checklist

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Passing your driving test gives you freedom to drive to your favourite destinations. Although it can be exciting, there are a lot of people who get nervous on the day. So, we’ve compiled a checklist to make sure you pass your driving test.

Bring all the documents you need

When doing a driving test, it’s important to bring all the documents you need in order for it to go ahead. These are documents such as your provisional licence and your theory test pass certificate. When you receive your theory pass certificate, the number on it is used to book your driving test. Without it, it’ll be impossible to book one.

 Familiarise yourself with your test routes

Although you won’t know where you’ll be going until the day of the test, it’s still possible to familiarise yourself with the area your test centre is located at. Practice by driving around the area, but don’t limit yourself to just the nearby roads. Have a drive through major and minor roads as well as dual carriageways and country lanes. By doing this, you’ll get an idea of what traffic will be like and the hazards you might face.

 Have a lesson the day before

One useful tip to consider is to have a lesson the day before. This will get you ready for your test and will help you to feel more confident. You can also ask your instructor any last-minute questions you might have to tame your worries. One final lesson a day before your test can calm any nerves and will put you in the right mindset for driving.

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 Do a mock driving test

If you want a higher chance of passing your test, do a mock driving test. Choose a test route and do your test under test conditions. This will help you prepare for your test and might also help calm your nerves since you’ll have an idea of what to expect.

Go through your theory again

It may have been a while since you’ve taken your theory, so it might be difficult to remember everything. As a refresher, go through your theory again and remind yourself of the signs and highway codes. This will definitely make you feel more relaxed and will give your instructor an idea of how much you know about the road. The more you know and remember, the more brownie points you’ll get!

Check your mirrors

One of the minor faults that a lot of people make is not being observant. To make sure you pass your test, check your mirrors on a regular basis, especially when you’re near hazards, changing lanes and gears. This will let your examiner know that you’re a careful driver who will take the extra precaution to be safe on the road.


This is our driving test checklist, which hopefully helps you to prepare. For any enquiries or advice, don’t hesitate to contact any of our car experts from our directory here. If you still need lessons, browse through our list of driving schools. Good luck on your test!

If you’ve recently passed your test, have a read through our article on the 5 Tips for New Drivers, which might be helpful.

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