Managing Cold and Flu Season

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Although the winter season means hot chocolates and snuggles, it can also mean sniffles and a blocked nose. With COVID-19 affecting everyone physically and mentally, especially in the past year, it’s important to note that staying indoors has made our immune systems less effective. As the world thrives and shops open again, catching the cold or flu might be more common than you think. To keep yourself safe, here’s how you can manage the cold and flu season.

Make sure you continue to wash your hands

We’ve all been reminded to wash our hands or seen a poster above a sink telling us to do so. But it’s even more important to continue to wash our hands this winter season. Washing your hands is a great way to fight off germs and should be done before cooking, after going to the bathroom and after heading outside.

Stay hydrated

When you’re ill, it’s crucial to drink fluids in order to stay hydrated, especially warm liquids. Warm or hot drinks are known to relieve any nasal congestion, as well as inflammation in your throat. One of the most soothing drinks for colds and flus is lemon and honey, which has antiviral and antibacterial properties, and can also calm irritated airways.

Have enough rest

By putting your feet up and resting, your body will charge up and energise itself, helping your immune system to fight off any illnesses.

Wrap up warm

You’ll feel a lot of chills and shivers in the freezing cold, so to prevent yourself from getting ill, make sure you wrap up. Wear thick coats, scarves and gloves as the temperature continues to drop. Maybe even wear some thermal clothing to give you that extra bit of warmth!

Take some vitamin C tablets

Whether you’re ill or trying to prevent yourself from getting the cold or flu, it’s always good to stock up on some vitamins. Vitamin C tablets, in particular, can help protect your immune system, fight off infections and even help reduce severe allergic reactions. However, some people find these tablets hard to swallow, and if this is the case, chewable vitamin C is also available.

Eat nutritious food

We’ve all heard how essential it is to have a balanced diet, and when you’re ill, having the right amount of nutrients is important. By eating nutritious food, such as fruits and vegetables, your body is given the nutrients it needs to fight off any illnesses.


These are some of the tips to follow this cold and flu season, which hopefully helps you to prevent or fight off a cold or flu. If you need advice, help, or for any enquiries, get in touch with our health and wellbeing experts from our directory here.

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