How to Choose the Best Self Storage Company

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Self storage units have a lot of benefits. If you’ve noticed that your home is lacking space, renting one out is a great way to free up some storage, but it may be difficult to know which company to go to. If you don’t know who to go for, read on for the steps you should take in order to choose the best self storage company for you.

Do some searching on the Internet

Avoid searching for a storage company at the last minute, especially if you plan to hire one because you’re moving houses. Search ahead of time and take note of a few factors. These are factors such as the sizes and prices offered. If you want to search for local self storage units, have a look through our list of self storage companies from our directory here.

Read some reviews

Since you’ll be placing your trust in a third party company, it’s important to choose a company that is reliable. If you’ve found the company’s website or their official Facebook page, have a read through some reviews. Reading up on past customer experience will help you to determine whether the company is legit and has your best interest at heart. If a company has some sketchy reviews but they’re offering cheaper rates and you’re on a budget, don’t feel inclined to contact them for their service. You’ll find that reading reviews and asking your family or friends about local self storage companies will help you to find a trustworthy one.

Do an inventory of the items you want to store

By doing an inventory, it won’t only help you stay organised, but it will also help you to determine the size you need. You can choose the correct size for your items without having to go over your budget, which means you’ll save money. This inventory doesn’t have to be detailed either; it can be a short description of what you intend to store in the unit.

Check for security

Of course, if you’re keeping your belongings in a storage facility, you’ll want to have peace of mind knowing it’s safe and secure. Security is one of the things you should look for when consulting a self storage company. Is the facility monitored 24/7? Do the units have locks? These are questions you should be asking when enquiring about self storage.

Check the condition of the unit

You should also make sure that your possessions are stored in the best ever unit to avoid damaging them. If the storage facility you go to has damp units, look elsewhere. When you visit a storage facility, make sure that the units available are spotless and squeaky clean. If the overall look of a facility is clean, then this is a good indication that your items will be cared for.


These are the steps you should follow to find the right self storage company for you. For advice, help, or for any enquiries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our self storage professionals from our directory here. Alternatively, have a chat with any of our removals and storage experts.

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