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You might be thinking about selling your property in the future, but you’re wondering if your home has value, or if there are ways you can increase it. Our article on the 8 Ways to Add Value to Your Kitchen might be useful if you’re having problems with this.

If you’re unsure about how to find out if your home has any defects, you should consider taking a health check for your home. A health check for your home consists of a visit from a surveyor, where they identify if your house has any defects or needs any improvement. They check the health and condition of your property and is usually a valuation for a lender, or on behalf of a purchaser. Here are some benefits of having a health check for your home.

It helps to determine the state of your property 
By having a health check for your home, you’re able to find out the state that your property is in. This will also give you an insight into what you need to do to transform your home if there are any improvements you need to do. It might be that you need to focus on the maintenance of your house. Our list of home improvement services might be of help, as well as our plumbing services  if you’re having problems with water or heating. Our electrical services might be able to assist you too for any electrical difficulties.

It might be that your home needs revamping, such as fresh, new paint. If this is the case, you can take a look at our list of home design services here or our list of painters and decorators here. Our article on Different Types of Paint to Emphasise Bedroom Themes may be useful too.

It will enable you to review your rate 
If you have a health check for your property, you’ll be able to determine the value of your home by having a rental appraisal conducted. This ensures that the rent you’ll be charging matches your property’s true value on the market. These are usually free and will help you to monitor rental expectations. You’ll be able to gain knowledge on rental yields from a property management specialist, who will ensure to inform you of all the necessary information. Property management specialists can also assist you in the development of your property portfolio, which is a collection of property investments. Therefore, it’s beneficial to have a health check for your property if you’re looking to expand on your property portfolio. Our list of property services here might be of help.

You’ll have constant communication about your property 
A property manager will regularly contact you about the state and performance of your property, which is a significant part of having investment portfolios. You’ll learn about the processes within property management, such as the appropriate price for rent, and will know exactly how a property manager is able to make your property more profitable.

You’ll be able to create a depreciation schedule 
Having your home’s health checked will enable you to create a depreciation schedule, which focuses on your asset contents and will allow you to take stock of it. This will enable an accountant to determine the amount of depreciation you can claim on your investment property, which results in you saving money during tax season.

These are some of the benefits of having a health check for your home. For any enquiries about your property, don’t hesitate to contact any of our specialists here.

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