Health and Safety in the Workplace

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If you’re a working professional, you probably spend most of your time at work. If this is the case, it’s important to note that when it comes to health and safety, the type of industry you’re in doesn’t matter. It’s essential for you, your work colleagues and your employer to be healthy and safe. If you’re particularly worried about health and safety in the workplace, here are some tips to take note of.

Make sure you know the hazards

To ensure that everyone is healthy and safe, it’s important to know the risks and take note of any hazards. You can do this by carrying out a risk assessment. When identifying potential risks, make sure you think about the likelihood of it happening and its consequences. WorkNest has a useful section about conducting a health and safety risk assessment that you might want to read.

Make sure your desk or workstation is clean

Keeping a clean desk or workstation is a great way to reduce any potential incidents from happening. If you don’t regularly clean your workspace, it can cause slips and falls. This is especially the case if you have clutter on the floor.

Try to reduce stress

Feeling stressed is common in a workplace. It might be due to heavy workload, long hours or conflict with other work colleagues. Stress can lead to low concentration and not being able to cope or perform well, so it’s important to manage it and to find out the cause.

To reduce stress, make sure you take your breaks. You can also have a read through these Simple Ways to De-Stress or Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace, which might be helpful.

Wear protective gear

If you work in a profession where you’re putting your safety at risk, such as working as a builder or using heavy machinery, you need to make sure you’re wearing protective gear. These are items like safety goggles, earmuffs, gloves, etc. By making sure you’re protected, you can reduce your chances of getting injured.

Take a look at insurance policies

When thinking about health and safety, it’s important for companies to have public liability insurance and employer’s liability insurance. According to Workspace, public liability insurance covers businesses “in the event of injury or loss to third parties (not including employees), and will pay for legal fees, damages and hospital costs.” Whereas, employer’s liability insurance will cover any claims from present and past employees.


These are some of the tips to take note of for health and safety in the workplace. If you need help, advice, or for any enquiries, feel free to get in touch with our health and safety consultants from our directory here.

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