Have a Waste-Free Christmas

waste-free Christmas - presents wrapped in plastic-free and brown wrapping paper

Although this festive season has most people excited, it might be hard to avoid a chaotic Christmas. So, it’s important to make sure that everything is in order and not wasted. If you want to avoid wasting a lot during this Christmas period, read on below to have a waste-free Christmas.

Re-use old decorations

You might be tempted to purchase new Christmas décor, but if you have some decorations that are worth keeping, why not use them again? These are items such as old Christmas baubles, tinsels, garlands and even intricate ornaments. All of these decorations can still add some festive spirit to your home!

Go for an experience

Another way to have a waste-free Christmas is to go for an experience instead of getting something materialistic. By going for an experience, you’ll be making memories that can last forever. This can be a spa day, a meal out or going to a winter wonderland trip. This will surely become a special day for you and your family or friends.

Consider cutting down on paper

By cutting down on paper, you’re making things last and reducing waste. To cut down on paper, consider buying Christmas cards made out of recycled paper or you can send an e-card instead. Sites like Moonpig and Funky Pigeon give you the option to do this.

Consider buying second-hand gifts or decorations

Instead of buying from famous retailers, consider browsing through your local charity shops and buying second-hand gifts or decorations. You can find a lot of treasures in second-hand shops nowadays, so you might end up finding the perfect present or decoration. Plus, you’re giving an item a second home. If you like shopping online, sites like eBay and even Facebook sell pre-loved items too!

Try to go for plastic-free wrapping paper

A lot of the wrapping paper we use ends up in the bin and most of these papers are made out of plastic. Because of this, the wrapping paper you throw in your recycling bin might not be recycled due to the type of plastic it contains. So, instead of using plastic wrapping paper, consider the following alternatives.

  • Re-using old wrapping paper or other packaging
  • Using fabric such as scarves and old cloths to wrap your items (this is also known as Furushiki).
  • Using recyclable craft paper
  • Using newspaper or magazines
  • Using eco-friendly wrapping paper. You can also find this on Amazon.


These are a few of the ways you can have a waste-free Christmas, which hopefully helps to reduce your waste. If you need advice, help, or for any enquiries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our waste disposal experts from our directory here.

For those who still need to do some shopping this season, head over to your local Christmas shops. If you still need a tree, however, take a trip down to your local Christmas tree shop.

To have an exciting Christmas, our piece on Festive Fun & Games might be a helpful read!

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