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DIY Christmas jumper - couple wearing Christmas jumpers and holding up funny masks

Since Christmas Jumper Day is coming up (10th of December), you’re probably thinking about whether you have a snazzy jumper hidden in your wardrobe. Launched by Save the Children, not only do you get into the festive spirit by being fashionable, you’re also helping those who are in need! However, it can be quite hard to be fashionable if you don’t have a Christmas jumper or if you don’t want to wear the same one from last year. But don’t worry, you can still strut down the runway by making your own! You might just have to get your creative juices running first… Read on for how you can make a DIY Christmas jumper.

Step 1 – Choose a jumper

Firstly, you should choose a jumper that you want to transform. This can be any jumper you want! It may even be a jumper from years ago, but make sure it’s a plain one so you can be as creative as you want. This is better than buying a new jumper when you’re thinking about keeping within your Christmas budget

Step 2 – Grab some old fabric and cut

Of course, you don’t want your jumper looking empty and plain. You want it to scream Christmas and embody the meaning of Christmas spirit! So, the next step is to find some old fabric and to cut them into festive shapes. If you don’t have any old fabric, you can use fabric from old clothes instead, which is a great way to reuse it.

Draw your shape – this can be a Christmas tree, candy cane, presents, baubles, etc. – and cut them out carefully. If you’re doing this with your child, make sure you’re always keeping an eye on them.

Step 3 – Get some bondaweb

If you don’t know what bondaweb is, it’s a soft adhesive web attached to transfer paper. Its purpose is to bond two fabrics together without the need to use a needle. Cut the bondaweb into the same shape as your fabric or a tad smaller and place the paper side down onto the fabric. You should then iron it.

Once ironed, peel the paper off and you can then place the fabric onto your jumper! Make sure this is the side where the bondaweb is placed. Iron it again and you should be good to go!

For those who have a sewing machine

If you have a sewing machine, however, you can secure your shape onto your jumper using the machine. Make sure you’re using a zig zag stitch, and if you want to add extra detail, a metallic thread is ideal. If you have a lot of shapes you want to stick onto your jumper, consider layering them.

And there you have it! Your very own personalised Christmas jumper in quick and easy steps!


These are the steps you can follow for a DIY Christmas jumper, which hopefully helps. For advice, help, or for any enquiries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our arts, crafts and hobby experts from our directory here. Alternatively, you can also contact our sewing professionals if you plan to sew your shapes on.

If you still need to shop for some Christmas necessities, have a browse through our Christmas shops from our directory here. If you still need a tree, our Christmas tree specialists might be able to help. For those who would rather look for the perfect Christmas jumper, make sure you head over to your local clothes shop!

To celebrate this event, make sure you participate by wearing your favourite Christmas jumper or you can sign up on Save the Children’s website to get your free online fundraising pack! Happy Christmas Jumper Day!

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