Crafting a Successful Print Advertisement

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Achieving brand recognition can be a challenging endeavour for any business. But fear not, as the path to making your mark begins with the art of print advertising. Whether your canvas is a digital platform or the pages of CommunityAd Magazine, the composition of your print advert is pivotal.


At CommunityAd, we’ve witnessed our fair share of spectacular successes and cringe-worthy mishaps (including these common advertising mistakes to avoid) when it comes to print advertisements. So, here are some invaluable tips and guidelines for crafting an ad that not only captures attention but also serves your business’s needs effectively.



  • Make Your Business Name Pop: Your company’s name should be the star of the show. Place it prominently at the top of your ad in bold and eye-catching font, or even incorporate your logo. Your business’s name is the gateway to recognition. Don’t forget your social media handles!
  • Keep It Simple: Less is often more. Share your name, your primary offerings, and contact details – anything more on your print advertisement and you risk overwhelming your audience and diluting your message.
  • Harmonious Colour Palette: Limit your colour selection to two or three hues and ensure they complement each other, creating an aesthetically pleasing visual impact.


  • Information Overload: Resist the urge to cram excessive information into your ad. If it’s a small space, consider if your audience can digest it all. Keep it concise and to the point.
  • Low-Quality Visuals: Pixelated images and shoddy photography can tarnish your business’s professional image. High-quality visuals convey credibility and excellence.
  • Font and Colour Chaos: Avoid the temptation to use too many fonts or more than three colours. Such clutter can make your ad hard to read and may drive potential clients away instead of drawing them in.

Still unsure about designing your own print ad? Our talented designers are here to help. For a nominal fee, we can create an appealing ad guaranteed to capture clients’ attention. Contact us for more information today on 01843 834160.


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