Car Parts You Need to Check Regularly

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Whether you’re a new driver or someone whose driven for a long time, maintaining your car is essential, especially if you plan to use it long term. If you’re worried about your car breaking down, remember to check your vehicle. Here are the car parts you should be checking regularly.

Check your car brakes

This is an important car part that you should be checking regularly. If your brakes are faulty, your car won’t be able to come to a stop, which can lead to serious accidents. Your car brakes consist of brake pads and discs; brake pads are located in your wheels and are usually large and silver. Your brakes work by using friction, which can deteriorate your discs as time passes. This results in a decrease in efficient brake performance. Therefore, it’s important to check your brake discs if you notice anything that seems odd whenever you come to a stop. When checking your discs, inspect it for any signs of corrosion or pitting since this can reduce friction.

Your brake pads are the pedals you press with your foot when you want your car to stop. When checking your brake pads, focus on its thickness. If you’ve noticed that it has thinned down or is thinning down, make sure you replace your break pads. The thinning is caused by the heat released by friction.

Check your engine oil

This is another important part you should be checking regularly. The purpose of the engine oil is to act as a lubricant – it makes sure that the metal parts in your engine don’t grind together and cause corrosion inside. This will result in smooth movement between each part and will also take away the heat caused by friction. If there’s no engine oil, parts can collide with each other, resulting in your engine wearing down. As time passes, your car will use up all the oil, causing the oil levels in your car to drop. You can check your oil levels by paying attention to the dial in your car or the reservoir located under the bonnet. However, some engines need a different type of engine oil. To find out the engine oil your car needs, read through the manual or consult an expert.

Check your wipers

Checking your windscreen wipers on a regular basis is also important. Although they might not be used during nice weather, it’s still a good idea to check them to make sure that they’re ready for when the weather does turn dreary. You can check the condition of your wipers by running a finger along the rubber strip or by checking if your windscreen is smeared. If you see or feel any signs of damage, it might be time to replace your wipers.

Check your steering and suspension parts (shock absorbers)

Your steering and suspension parts are also known as your vehicle’s shock absorbers, and they are usually used whenever your car goes around a bend or over a bump. To check the condition of your shock absorbers, pay attention to your steering wheel, your bonnet and your vehicle when driving. If your car starts to pull off to one side when you go around a bend, this might be a sign of a worn shock absorber. If your bonnet dips whenever you brake, this might be a sign of a damaged shock absorber. You can also check the condition of your shock absorbers by inspecting your tyres – check for any wear and tear, which can be caused by a collapsed shock absorber. If you notice any of these signs, you’ll need to have it repaired since this decreases the performance of your braking system.

Check your lights

Working car bulbs are important since they enable you to see whenever you’re driving in total darkness. Although car bulbs are much more reliable than they used to be, they can still deteriorate and fail. If a bulb has failed, some cars will usually have a warning message appear on the dashboard. To check the condition of your bulbs, make sure you park near a reflective surface, switch on your lights and apply your brakes. If you can see the reflection of each light bulb, they are working perfectly fine. If you need to check your indicators, hazards or reversing lights, however, it’s best to ask an individual to help you check.


These are the car parts you need to be checking regularly. For enquiries or for any assistance, don’t hesitate to consult our car services from our list here or our car repair experts here. If you need new car parts, contact any of our car accessories and parts specialists from our list here.

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