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When doing home renovations or re-styling your home, it’s always important to think about the items that match the aesthetic you want. This is especially the case whenever you want to upgrade or decorate your window. The age old question of ‘which is better, blinds or curtains?’ pops up. If you’re currently dealing with this problem, read on for the pros and cons of each to help you choose.


green plant in pot beside window blindsPractical and functional, there are many different types of blinds to choose from, so there’s bound to be one that matches the style you’re going for. Blinds such as vertical and Venetian blinds have the ability to filter the amount of light that enters a room, but can still give you privacy. So, consider these two options if you want blinds in your house.


  • You have light control 
    If you install blinds, you’ll have more control over how much light is entering your room. You can fully open your blinds or tilt them to let a certain amount of light in. A variety of materials are also available if you want more light control.
  • You can control your privacy 
    Let’s face it, peeping Toms are still about, and if you’re concerned about your privacy, blinds are the best choice. You can close your blinds fully for ultimate privacy or tilt them open to let some light in but still avoid giving anyone a full view of your room.
  • They’re easy to maintain 
    If you want something easy to maintain, blinds with slats are the ideal choice. All you have to do is grab some cleaning wipes or wipe them with a damp cloth and you’re good to go!
  • They can come in many different materials 
    Blinds can come in many different materials, and you can choose the one that best suits your home. For example, if you have a home that has a lot of wooden furniture, you have the option to install wooden blinds. The possibilities are endless and you’re never running out of options!


  • Slatted blinds don’t completely block all the light 
    Although slatted blinds allow you to control the amount of light that enters, they are not blackout blinds. So, if you’re someone who needs absolute darkness to sleep, it’s best to consider other blinds or other options.
  • Some blinds might not be the best fit for your doors 
    Horizontal slatted blinds aren’t the best fit for sliding doors. Instead of being convenient, they’ll just be in the way. If you’re still thinking of installing blinds, vertical blinds are ideal since they can slide to the side if needed.
  • They can take longer to clean  
    Although they ‘re easy to maintain, it can take a long time to clean every single slat, especially if you have multiple slatted blinds. This can be too time-consuming for busy bees.


white window curtain hanging on black steel rodCurtains have been around for a long time and can add a lot to a room. Depending on the style of curtain you get, it can make your room look like luxury or chic and modern. Due to the thickness of some, curtains can also make a room feel cosy.


  • They are good insulators of heat 
    There are some curtains that are very thick to the point that they can keep the heat in. This means that curtains are usually good insulators of heat, making them energy efficient.
  • There are many designs available 
    From modern to abstract, there are a variety of styles and designs available if you plan to install curtains. There are also a range of textures to choose from and you will surely find one that matches your aesthetic.
  • They are usually affordable 
    If you have a budget, curtains are pretty affordable, but this can depend on the type of fabric you choose. Cotton curtains can even amount to as little as £10!
  • Certain curtains can block out light 
    If you have trouble sleeping, there’s an option to install some blackout curtains. They can even be thermal, which will save you money on your energy bill.


  • They are not as durable
    When compared to blinds, curtains are not as durable. This is because they are usually fabric, which can easily get scratched, especially if you have cats that love to climb everywhere.
  • They can take up more space 
    Curtains are usually longer than blinds, especially if they weren’t made to measure. This can make a room look smaller, which might not be ideal if you already have a small room.
  • Maintaining it can be time-consuming 
    Curtains are not like blinds – you can’t just wipe it if it becomes stained. You’ll usually have to take it down and wash it regularly to avoid a collection of dust.


These are the pros and cons of blinds and curtains, which hopefully helps you to decide. For advice, help, or for any enquiries, feel free to consult our blinds, shutters and awnings specialists from our directory here. Alternatively, you can also contact our curtain experts.

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