Bee Hotel Ideas for Your Garden

bee hotel ideas - unique bee hotel hanging on wooden wall

According to the Independent, there’s a decline in bees. However, it’s good to remember that bees are important to our planet since we rely on these pollinators for a third of our food. Therefore, it’s important that bees are protected and allowed to thrive, especially during Bees’ Needs Week.

If you don’t know much about Bees’ Needs Week, it is an annual event organised by Defra to raise more awareness on the significance of bees and other pollinators. Defra plans to achieve this goal by working together with other businesses, charities, institutions and conservation groups.

If bees are your favourite insects and you want to participate in this event, here are the different bee hotel ideas for your garden.

Bee hotels with wood and hollow stems

A bee hotel idea you can implement in your garden is one with wood and hollow stems. To create this type of bee hotel, you’ll usually just need to attach a tree bark to a wooden frame. The gap in between should then comprise of hollow stems.

Bee hotels with a plant roof

These are bee hotels that have an overhanging roof with a plant on top of it. By creating this type of bee hotel, you’re protecting the stems from rain or stormy weather, which also means you’re keeping the eggs and larvae safe from any infections.

A mass of hollow stems

To create this type of bee hotel, you’ll usually just need a collection, which means a lot, of bamboo stems. These stems can then be put together in a simple frame to make sure that they are held together. By creating a hotel like this, you can also put your creativity to the test since you can choose the shape and size of the frame you want.

Bee hotels on posts

If you care about the look and theme of your garden, you should definitely consider this since it can make your outdoor area into a stylish haven. This type of bee hotel is usually made out of a variety of materials and will usually be surrounded by a lot of plants to give them pollen and nectar.

Bee hotels implemented in stone walls

This type of bee hotel usually consists of wooden planks but will include sedum and sempervivum plants. They will be installed in a dry-stone wall and will also have holes in different sizes for different bee species. If you want your garden to have a sleek style, you should definitely try this out. However, make sure you have a wall already present in your garden that can hold the weight of these bee houses. For example, if you have a very thin wall, it’s best to avoid putting anything in it.


These are the different types of bee hotels you can consider for your garden. If you need advice, help, or for any enquiries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our garden services from our directory here. Alternatively, you can also contact our garden centres and nurseries from our directory here.

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