5 Trendy Bathroom Ideas

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Home renovations allow you to bring your ideas to life. Although stressful, it’s an exciting time of upgrades and transforming your living space into something you’ve always wanted. Bathrooms are sometimes a deal breaker and most people think that a new design is better. If you’re thinking about renovating your whole bathroom, here are some trendy bathroom ideas to take note of before the year comes to a close.

Leaning Ladder Radiators

Radiators are essential not just to dry our towels but to also give us warmth during chilly winter months. Part of this radiator family is the towel radiator, which comes in white or silver racks. But if you’re tired of the traditional design, why not opt for a leaning ladder radiator? Modern and innovative, this is a stylish twist inspired by the wooden ladder storage shelf. For a boutique-style bathroom, place this on the top of your list!

Colourful Sinks

For a pop of colour in your bathroom, colourful sinks are the way to go. Not only does this fit any colourful ideas you might have, it’s also a nice change from the white ceramic sink we’ve always known. Colour is back this year and continues to trend. You can have any colour and design you want for your sink, and it’s a great way to add an accent colour in your bathroom.

There are also other ways to transform your bathroom into something vibrant, such as having bright and colourful tiles. You don’t even have to install new ones! Purchase some adhesive tiles from sites like Amazon, stick it onto your existing ones and watch your bathroom come to life.

Industrial-Style Showerheads and Taps

CommunityAd Trades - Bathrooms - industrial-style brass tapInspired by traditional factories, this comes third on our list of bathroom trends. Although this style has been making its way to high-end hotel bathrooms, this doesn’t mean that it can’t leave its mark in your home too. Industrial-style showerheads and taps can give you that steampunk look, which is perfect for people who are fans of this subgenre. If you’re a big fan of this trend, consider installing industrial-style handles and towel racks too.

Freestanding or stand-alone bathtubs

CommunityAd Trades - Bathrooms - green freestanding bathtub with yellow wallAccording to Houzz, 55% of renovators state that “soaking in the tub helps them to relax”, and what better way to do this than upgrading to a freestanding or stand-alone bathtub? Although they can be expensive, these tubs don’t need to be sealed and don’t need tiling, which saves you time and money. They’re also visually pleasing and perfect for that minimalistic look some people want to achieve.

Hanging and backlit mirrors

To achieve a unique and high-end look, consider getting a hanging mirror and fix it to your wall with a strap or a chain. This creates a luxurious vibe and is perfect for those who want a classy aesthetic. For a more modern look, install a backlight for your mirror to get that ambient lighting. Backlit mirrors reduce glare or reflections and can even be used as a nightlight. This glowing effect creates the illusion of a floating mirror, which means it’s ideal for any decorative purpose as well and will make your bathroom appear larger. Plus, it’s perfect for those Instagram-worthy photos!


These are the five trendy bathroom ideas you can consider to upgrade your bathroom. For advice, help, or for any enquiries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our bathroom experts from our directory here.

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