5 Benefits of Community Magazine Advertising

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There might be people thinking that magazine advertising is irrelevant due to the rise of online media and web advertising. However, a lot of people still read magazines with statistics showing that “94% of people under 25 read magazines” with 73% of adults preferring printed publications, as stated by Zimmer. Advertising in magazines, especially community magazines, is a great way to reach locals and be known in your local area. If you’re on the fence about advertising in this way, here are the five benefits of community magazine advertising.

You can target a dedicated audience

One benefit of community magazine advertising is its dedicated readers. Since you’ll be advertising your business to people who are already dedicated and passionate about the community, it’s highly likely that people seeing your advert will be interested in your business. For these people, community magazines are a way to know about any upcoming events and for people to learn about what’s happening in their area through local stories. Therefore, they’ll be open to community stories and new businesses.

Community magazines are credible and focus on the community

Community magazine advertising is credible and focuses on the community. Due to this, local magazines are trusted by locals. Since they’re credible, the ads present seem more like personal recommendations rather than just adverts. The local stories in these magazines are also written from the heart by people who take the time to search for these stories.

Community magazines are a trusted source

As mentioned above, local magazines are trusted by locals. While web advertising is a great way to target your chosen demographic online, there are some instances where the web can be dangerous. These are instances such as cyber criminals hacking into accounts and accessing private information. However, with community magazines being a trusted source, consumers won’t have to worry about clicking on anything that can potentially be harmful.

You can increase your brand awareness

Increasing your brand awareness is another benefit of community magazine advertising. By advertising in a well known and reputable local magazine, it will raise your brand awareness since anyone seeing your business will instantly become familiar with it. This brand awareness can then result in sales and brand loyalty.

They last longer

When compared to web or digital advertising, community magazines last longer. Web adverts will usually have an expiry date and can come and go, which means printed publications have a longer shelf life. Since community magazines can be displayed or placed on a shelf, more and more people will be able to view your advert whenever the magazine is picked up.

These are the five benefits of community magazine advertising, which hopefully changes your mind if you’re unsure about this type of advertising. For advice, enquiries or to advertise your business with CommunityAd, feel free to have a chat with us for more information.

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