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A Thrifty Christmas this year!

thrifty Christmas gifts

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year – and the most expensive. People can end up spending thousands of pounds to make sure they feel like they’re having a good time. It makes sense; it’s dark, it’s cold, we need something to fill the void left by the sunshine, and every year it seems like there’s some new shiny thing we have to buy in order to make sure we and everyone around us is having the best Christmas possible.

If you’re broke, thrifty, or just tired of the never-ending spending hustle, here are some low-budget ideas to celebrate the season in style.


Learn To Crochet

There are few things cosier than cuddling up in something woollen on a grey winter’s day. Store-bought hygge is fine, but for an added touch, you could learn to crochet your own. Crochet has endless stitches and styles, but the number of things you can make with a simple granny square is surprising. Crochet is also quicker than knitting, so it’s easier to see results – which is a bonus in any craft. Even if you’re not creating socks and jumpers on your first try, the act of crochet can be very meditative, and it’s a nice challenge for your eyes and hands to do something that doesn’t involve any electronics.

Make Your Own Decorations

If you prefer a craft that’s less of a commitment, then why not try making paper decorations, like chains, snowflakes, and lanterns? Being made from paper, these are far more eco-friendly than tinsel, and making your own winter decorations could even become a tradition to be shared with friends or family. The beauty of a paper craft is its versatility; you can create a simple design using scrap paper you have lying around, or you can go all out with different types of paper and more complicated designs.

Host A Game Night

It’s great to see your friends all year round, but there’s something especially warming about having your friends come over on a dark winter’s evening. Capitalise on this and suggest a games night to your friend group. You could dig out that dusty Snakes and Ladders you haven’t played in years, visit a local charity shop and see what they have in stock; or if board games aren’t your thing, there are hundreds of free quiz games available online for free.

Bake Something Tasty 

If you’ve had bad experiences baking in the past, this one might seem intimidating, but like all of these options, it can be as simple or as involved as you want. Maybe you want to make a loaf of bread from scratch, taking your time with it and kneading every fold to perfection, meditating while you wait for the dough to rise. Maybe you want to make chocolate buns using Jus-Rol pastry and a jar of own brand Nutella. No matter what your baking preference, if it makes you feel cosy, then go for it. You’re not on Bake-Off—Paul Hollywood isn’t judging you, and neither are we.



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