Thanet District Council, Southern Water and the Environment Agency working together in Viking Bay

A fantastic day of united working saw staff from Southern Water, Thanet District Council and the Environment Agency join forces in a ‘day of action’ to help educate people in Broadstairs about how to keep Viking Bay looking beautiful.

Thanet District Council, Southern Water

The day of action in Viking Bay was organised to help local residents, businesses, visitors and tourists understand how issues such as litter, dog fouling, sewage misconnections, putting the wrong things down sinks and toilets and marine activities can all affect the quality of our coastal bathing waters.
Activities on the day included:
• Thanet District Council, Southern Water and the Environment Agency information stands on the Harbour arm;
• Activities on and around the beach for children, which included a wet wipe ‘tug of war’, badge making and informative talks and games;
• Lifeguards from the RNLI provided safety advice to ensure everyone enjoyed their day in and around the water;
• Southern Water lifted manhole covers and used live CCTV to show the public the surface water sewers, and explained the link to bathing water quality;
• Visits by Southern Water Network Protection Enforcement Officers to 30 food establishments and 237 local residences to discuss fat, oil and grease disposal and what and what not to put down toilets;
• Teams from Southern Water, Thanet District Council and the Environment Agency checked the sewer connections of holiday lets and flat conversions;
Speaking the day after the event, Gavin Waite, Director of Operational Services at Thanet District Council, said: Thanet has some of the best beaches in the UK and it’s important we all work together to keep it this way. Through our partnership with Southern Water and the Environment Agency we are able to raise the awareness of how residents, visitors and businesses can help us to keep our beaches and bathing waters clean. The action day was a fantastic success and a perfect example of how partnership working can make a real difference.
Sarah Feasey, Stakeholder Engagement Manager at Southern Water, added: “Our joint day of working with Thanet District Council and the Environment Agency really was a fantastic day. It’s so important that people realise what a vital role we all play in keeping our beaches beautiful, and in helping to improve our bathing water. The quality of our coastal waters is affected by a huge range of sources of pollution including litter, seagulls, dog fouling, sewage misconnections as well as putting the wrong things down sinks and toilets.
“Putting your rubbish in bins, not feeding birds, picking up after your dog, not pouring fat, oil and grease down your sink and not flushing items such as wet wipes and sanitary items all helps make a huge difference in protecting our coast, our beaches and our bathing water.
“We should be rightly proud of the quality of our beaches – waters along our region’s 700 miles of coastline have never been cleaner in recent times – but everyone has to play their part in keeping them as beautiful as they can be.”
A spokesperson at the Environment Agency, who also joined forces on the day, said:
“It is great to work with our partners on educating the public about the importance of keeping beaches clean.
“People should be vigilant and not litter or let their dog foul on the beach. They can also check that their home is not misconnected to ensure that wastewater and sewage is not directed into the surface water system which discharges into the sea. More information can be found at”

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