Road closures near Maldon the ‘least-worst solution’ to allow vital safety works to be completed

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Mundon Wash Bridge is closed until October 2019 to allow Essex Highways to replace the weakening structure, a task which has led to the closure of Mundon Road. This work is essential to keep drivers safe.
Developer Taylor Wimpey is building a new housing estate near Limebrook Way, Maldon and the first residents are due to move in during June 2019.
Road improvements are essential to allow safe access in and out of this estate for those residents, so the work must be done urgently.
The least disruptive solution to allow this urgent safety work to take place is, after careful consideration, to close Fambridge Rd to northbound general traffic, while allowing buses and emergency vehicles through.
All road users can use Fambridge Road heading southbound out of Maldon. Fambridge Rd is due to be fully open again by 21 June.
Cllr Kevin Bentley, Deputy Leader of Essex County Council and Cabinet Member for Infrastructure, said: “We apologise sincerely to all those people who are inconvenienced by this work.
“We are not undertaking these works lightly, they need to be urgently completed for the safety of Essex road users and for the future prosperity of the Maldon district and the wider county.
“Mundon Wash Bridge does need replacing quickly for the safety of drivers using the road which runs over it.
“Similarly the extensive developer road improvement works affecting Fambridge Road from Monday, must be carried out in time to meet the needs of those new residents who will live locally.
“Some drivers will face a lengthy diversion during this period, but this cannot, unfortunately, be avoided given the circumstances we face.
“We are working very closely with Taylor Wimpey and their contractors to see when we can lift the northbound closure into Maldon in favour of traffic light or “Stop/Go” board controls.
“Please bear with us while we make these key improvements to enable you to use these roads for many years ahead.”
For further information see Essex Highways which contains full details of both of these road closures and will be updated as work progresses.

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