Repair and improvement programme for Kent’s footpaths

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An extensive repair and improvement programme to clear vegetation from Kent’s footpaths has begun.

Kent County Council look after trees, hedges, shrubs, flowers and grass verges in the county and deals with weeds on roads and pavements.

Planned maintenance is carried out throughout the year but this new initiative aims to tackle pavements ensuring they remain clear for use and generally improve the look of the county.

Cabinet member for highways Mike Whiting said: “As we head towards spring, we will see an increase in growth of vegetation along our paths and so we want to ensure we get out early so we can cover as much of the county as possible.

“We want to make sure pavements are clear of weeds and mud and that there is no overhanging vegetation preventing people from walking along our pavements.”

Residents can find out if KCC maintain the trees, shrubs and hedges by using the online reporting tool via

KCC does not look after trees, hedges and shrubs on private land, which are often located next to roads and pavements.

These will be owned by private landowners, district councils, parish councils, housing associations and private homeowners.  It is the landowner’s responsibility to look after these areas.

Before and after shots below show the huge difference.










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