Kent Police Open Day Winner Spends Day with Dog Unit

Kent Police welcomed competition winner Mathew Holmes, eight from Maidstone, back to the force to spend the day with the dog unit.

After submitting the closest guess in the ‘how many dog treats in the jar’ competition at the July open day, Mathew was treated to a behind the scenes tour and received a soft-toy German Shepherd dog.

The dog unit team gave Mathew and his family a closer look at the kennels and showcased the dogs’ abilities in pursuing suspects and sniffing out drugs or explosives.

Mathew and his brother Joshua even got to take part in a game of hide and seek with Police Dog Keela, who showed off her tracking abilities and quickly found them hiding.

Mathew said: ‘I had a magnificent time and it was really unexpected when I received my letter. I really liked Major and Quest the search dog.’

Sergeant Ian Sutton said: ‘We were really pleased to have Mathew and his family at the kennels as part of his competition prize. It was great to get them involved with the exercises and really show them the skills the dogs have.

‘All our dogs are highly trained and we were able to give Mathew and his family an insight into what goes into that training and the range of work that dogs take part in to help people and catch criminals.’

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