Partnership Working to Help Clamp Down on Illegal Waste Dealers

Dover District Local Plan

Officers from Dover District Council and Kent Police took part in a joint operation on Friday (7 Dec) to offer help and advice to waste dealers, and to make sure they were complying with the law.

The day was part of ongoing partnership work to help keep the area clean and safe.  This follows a county-wide #SCRAPflytipping campaign through November.

The operation focussed on scrap metal, and involved checks on scrap metal dealers and collectors to make sure they had the correct licences. Checks were also made on those transporting controlled waste to ensure they had the correct licences and documentation.

Advice was provided to a number of businesses to help them continue to operate lawfully.  Enforcement action will be taken where necessary, and agencies will make repeat visits where there were concerns.

You must have a licence to carry out business as a scrap metal dealer. There are two types of licence, a Site Licence and a Collector’s Licence.

People who collect and transport controlled waste should hold a Waste Carrier’s Licence, with a separate licence for those involved in the collection of scrap metal. Trading without a licence is a criminal offence.

Inspector Stuart Norris of the Dover Community Safety Unit said: ‘Anyone who collects, transports or processes controlled waste or scrap metal must have a licence or they are committing a crime. Anyone who sells waste to an unlicensed person is also committing a crime. Offences will be prosecuted.”


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