Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Week

It’s reported than an estimated one in five hundred people in the United Kingdom have Parkinson’s disease.  This means roughly 130,000 Brits suffer from the disease, and potentially a further 14 million people worldwide.

Every hour in the UK, two people are diagnosed with the life-altering condition.  The aims of Parkinson’s Awareness Week are noble and important; to raise funds which aids research, change attitudes of people who may have misconceptions about Parkinson’s in order to reduce stigma, and raise awareness of the services available plus the support and information that’s out there for anyone who has been affected by the disease.

#UniteForParkinsons has been the universal hashtag run by the European Parkinson’s Disease Association (EPDA) since 2017, however, sadly, they initially said they would not be leading the campaign for 2019.  The reasons for this were varied and important and if you would like to find out why, you can contact the EPDA via email on: [email protected].  This being said, This being said, the EDPA is in fact now heavily involved with the 2019 campaign, and they will continue to build on the success of previous years.

Statistics revealed show that in 2017 ‘9,000 people from 89 countries used the #UniteForParkinsons hashtag, creating 33,000 social media engagements’ and in 2018 ‘the hashtag was used 17,000 times from 97 countries’, and an incredible 880,000 social media engagements were registered. (source).

Now, the call is on all of us to help spread the word and keep the hashtags going.  One group, United For Parkinson’s, is looking to continue the great work that’s already been started and  you can find out more about their project, here

They’ve been working tirelessly to keep the campaign going, and since 11th December 2018 seven people diagnosed with Parkinson’s began a ‘physical hashtag race’, where each participant was given a coloured plastic #UNITED and given the task of spreading them as far across the globe as possible.  When recipients receive the physical plastic #UNITED, they have to take a photo of themselves holding it, and then (of course) spread the word all over social media.

If we all work together as a collective, we can all be #UNITEDFORPARKINSONS


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