Panna Anna’s Got The World At Her Feet

After an extremely busy 2019, CommunityAd caught up with Yofi Yvorra from Yo! Street Zone to recap on the year, talk about sporting talent like Anna, and their plans for 2020.

Since CommunityAd last spoke to you Yofi, what’s the latest with Yo! Street Zone?

We have been super busy this year, our team has been growing as well as our local football skills club with more girls and boys getting involved every week! We have toured and competed across Europe in World Championship competitions, and held panna events all across the UK!

We came across a video of one of your members displaying some of their fantastic skills on Instagram. How did Anna first get involved with Yo! Street Zone?

Anna first got involved with Yo! Street Zone skills club in 2018 and has excelled in the sport of panna ever since, practicing daily and loving the challenge of learning new skills and tricks with our crew. This year was big for her as she got to feature in a Nike advert encouraging all girls to believe in themselves and do their best in sport! 

How old is Anna and what is her favourite aspect of panna?

Anna is now 11 years old and her favourite thing about playing panna is making up new skills and groundmoves to trick her opponents.

Are there any plans to put Anna into any future panna tournaments?

Next year we plan to have Anna compete in her first international youth Panna competitions around the world! 

We know that you do a lot of touring, if you could pick one event from 2019 that you attended as your favourite, which would you pick and why?

It’s hard to pick out one particular moment but competing in Rotterdam for the World of Street Football Panna Championships and playing against the world’s best panna players has to be up there! I reached the top 16 knock out stages and was also interviewed and featured on BBC Sport! 

What’s your schedule looking like for 2020?

Oooo we have a lot of exciting new projects coming up, but I can’t reveal just yet so make sure to keep your eyes peeled! It’s going to be an exciting year indeed! 

For those local wanting to get involved where do you regularly train and at what times?

For anyone wanting to get involved with Yo! Street Zone, we have our weekly Skills Club and Academy every Thursday night from 6 to 7pm! 

Anything you’d like to add?

If you can’t attend our skills club but would like to stay up to date with everything in the YO! Street Zone world, make sure to check us out on our Social Media handles at @yostreetzone on Instagram, Youtube and Facebook for news, crazy skills and a load of fun panna action!



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