New safety railings and lighting to be installed on Margate Harbour Arm

220 metres of new hand railings will be installed along the Harbour Arm in Margate as part of work by Thanet District Council to make the area safer for the public.

Contractors will arrive on site on 10 July and installation is expected to take around three to four weeks. The Harbour Arm businesses can continue to trade and events will go ahead as planned.

During the same time period, eight wall mounted lights will be erected over the parking bays to improve visibility for pedestrians and vehicles.

Gavin Waite, Director of Operational Services at Thanet District Council, said:

“The Grade II listed Margate Harbour Arm was constructed in 1815 as a safe haven for fishing and commercial shipping. In recent years, however, the Harbour Arm has been redeveloped and is now a popular public area with art studios, cafes and bars.

“In light of this change, we are installing railings along the currently unprotected edge that maintain and enhance the character of the Harbour Arm. We are also fixing wall mounted lighting above the parking bays to maintain public safety. We have worked with Historic England to ensure that the railings and lights preserve the historic character as well as improve public amenity and safety.”

Railings are a common feature of seafront locations and the material chosen (Ferrocast Post and Rail) is ideally suited to harsh coastal environments and waterfronts. It is a popular choice for the replacement of historic cast iron installations. Its durability ensures minimal maintenance is required and provides a maximum life expectancy.

A picture of similar railings in Herne Bay.

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