National Unicorn Day with Unicorn Cosmetics!

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April is usually reserved for Easter  but I’m sure you already know what’s what with that. However, we decided that celebrating something a little bit different was in order so let’s jump into National Unicorn Day with Unicorn Cosmetics!


Unicorns – The myth, the legend!

Unicorns are often looked to as a symbol of uniqueness. They encompass all things magical and beautiful so it’s really no wonder they have their own holiday! Get it marked in your calendar, April 9th is National Unicorn Day and we’re here celebrating it in style.

Whilst the unicorn is of course steeped in fantasy the mythical horse actually has a long history behind it. Widely considered a biblical animal with connotations of purity and grace, it is thought to have first originated in India. From here we have centuries of art and literature dedicated to the horned creature which has become a pop culture icon.

Unicorn Cosmetics – Mel Blue and beyond…

With all that being said it doesn’t surprise me in the least that Mel Blue chose the unicorn as a starting point for her brand Unicorn Cosmetics. The beauty brand takes ownership of everything the magical creature symbolises. With innovative designs and a community that thrives on celebrating what makes a person unique, we think National Unicorn Day is the perfect time to showcase the Rochester based business.

If you’re in any way familiar with the beauty industry then Unicorn Cosmetics will not be a stranger to you. Their unicorn handle makeup brushes were the first of its kind and quickly mimicked by brands across the board. With an NHS background and no prior experience within the industry, perhaps a beauty brand might seem like a strange choice. However, in an age where aesthetically pleasing branding is definitely in part key to success, Unicorn Cosmetics are a masterclass in social media and marketing tactics. Beloved by celebrities and professionals within the beauty industry, Mel has created a brand that feels like a warm hug from a friend.

How it all began…

Unicorn Cosmetics was born from the idea that the industry was just missing that something special. Professional beauty tools were functional but basic and boring so Mel tasked fiancé Chris with designing a brush handle that would captivate her target audience and boy did he succeed. With the initial concept of the iconic unicorn horn lovingly created from clay, it was then time to find a factory to turn the dream into reality.

Though the brand has since widened their scope with a handful of beautiful collections and not a unicorn in sight, it has maintained a grounded, down to earth air that customers continue to obsess over.  So I think we’re all agreed that celebrating National Unicorn Day with Unicorn Cosmetics just seems like the logical thing to do!

What you can expect in the future…

I was fortune enough to speak with Becky, who is as integral to Unicorn Cosmetics as the OG brushes are. If you’re a fan of the brand then you’ll already know who I’m talking about. If Becky isn’t posting beautiful content across the UC social media portfolio she’s packing your orders or answering emails. She is the real MVP! I can’t reveal too much but Unicorn Cosmetics has some really exciting plans for their future and as a HUGE fan of the brand, I really couldn’t be more excited.

To round things off with Unicorn Cosmetics…

Wait! There’s more! To celebrate National Unicorn Day and our love for all things Unicorn Cosmetics we are absolutely thrilled to announce something really exciting. If you head over to our social media accounts you’ll find an amazing Unicorn Cosmetics Giveaway!

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