MICKEY forever seeking thrills now aiming for Grylls

Ramsgate adventurer is aiming to get onto the next series of Bear Grylls the Island

Mickey Palmer, a former carpenter, bricklayer and landscape gardener from Ramsgate is delighting his Facebook friends with his constant updates of his global adventures. From climbing Kilimanjaro, without a single day of training, to Everest base camp, stroking unchained tigers, walking over hot coals, white water rafting, feeding giraffes from his mouth and crocodiles, thankfully not from his mouth, he’s got up close and personal with white rhinos and of course indulged in some local Zambian caterpillars for dinner. You name it Mickey’s done it or at least he’s aiming to. Most recently, Mickey could be seen very relaxed and happy laying over the top of Devils Pool, or in a video where he skydives with a faulty parachute, he remains calm throughout, the man seems to know no fear.

What does a man with such lust for adventure do next? Well it’s obvious isn’t it, he applies for thrills with TV adventurer Bear Grylls. Applicants for the upcoming series The Island. Mickey wrote on his Facebook ‘If I don’t try I’ll never know, as I’ll be living a life in limbo land or regret-ville, having never tried. As I always say….. in for a penny, in for a pound. Life is an adventure after all, especially when you travel to far off places around the world like I do, when you are willing to step out of your comfort zone at any given moment, that’s when the magic definitely happens to anyone, none excluded”.

Mickey has been in contact with Mark Hoey, recently retired sub-editor of the Daily Express to aid in his late application, Mark impressed with thrill seeker Mickey’s application, has told him to put together the best three-minute video possible, stating why he should be considered, and showcasing his sense of adventure. Any visitors to his Facebook will know how worthy he is to be seeking thrills with Grylls.

We caught up with our favourite adventurer to ask him a few questions.

Was it a sudden urge or was it a gradual lust for adventure that developed over time?

“Both, but I believe it was intrinsic in my nature. I’ve always wanted to have adventures, even playing as a child. And as an adult I didn’t want to watch life through a TV screen”.

You studied at Thanet College? Do you have fond memories?

“Yep. I went to become a personal trainer as I had exercised from 17 to now, varying 10 hours a week for 10 years & cycling 100 miles a week, to 20 hours a week, which lasted for 15 years, 20 hours a week ,non-stop, even when I went on holidays I’d find a gym”.

What do you enjoy about coming home from these adventures to Ramsgate?

I like Thanet, 5 minutes from the sea, & 8 minutes from the countryside. Compared to London, hardly any violence, prices are affordable. I work outdoors, so for 7-8 months of the year. I wear shorts and vest, get a tan, communicate with nice people regularly and I’m not killing myself in a 40 hour a week job, or being controlled by a petty tyrant, & given an increased work load, with no extra pay attached. I quit that type of job years ago. I have planned out the next 2 or 3 adventures already, just need to fine tune them that’s all, when the time comes.

There’s picture on your Facebook of walking over hot coals and another of you tucking into a caterpillar while donning a Pilgrims Hospice T-shirt, could you explain the link?

“My surname means PILGRIM. So, if I was going to help a charity, it would have to be apt & mean something symbolic. To help others is the greatest thing any soul should aspire to.”

Do you have a motto or mantra you live your life by these days?

“Every day is a school day, every day is a great day. Just some days are better than others”.

We’re hoping to see Mickey Palmer on our TV Screens soon, if not we’ll be sure to keep following the adventures as they unfold on Facebook. See his application video below.



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