1 week left of McDonald’s Monopoly – how to max your chances of a win


I love this promotion – where you collect stickers on selected menu items – and while McDonald’s is doing it to generate bigger profits, I play it so I spend no more on McGrub than I usually do, and win my way to free treats. I have a few tricks to share that can boost your chances of winning, including which rare stickers to look out for.

How does it work?

Until Tue 2 May, on selected McDonald’s food and drink cartons you’ll see stickers attached bearing the names of spaces on a classic Monopoly board. If you collect and complete a set of properties, you’ll win a prize (more on that below). You might also find ‘instant win’ stickers in your set too, winning you free food prizes and more.

Not everything you order will get you game stickers, however. You’re guaranteed stickers on medium and large fries and drinks, Chicken Legend and Big Tasty for example, but not on Big Macs, Quarter Pounders and McNuggets. Sizes play a part too, with medium-sized items giving you two stickers each, and large items giving you three. See a full list of qualifying items.

Obviously, don’t just buy something because it comes with stickers – especially as it’s mostly the pricier menu options included – but do look for ways to get stickers and not pay more (eg, ditch the Chicken McNugget meal for a Chicken Selects meal and get two/four stickers extra).

What can you win?

As part of the ‘instant wins’, there are over 45,000,000 food and drink prizes during the course of the promotion – millions more than last year.

If you’re a maths geek like me, that’s an average of 880 free food prizes per restaurant per day, or about one food prize winner every two minutes per restaurant. That’s a lot of grub waiting to be won!

There’s much more than food up for grabs though. With cars, games consoles and £100,000 cash to be won, here are some tips to boost your odds.

Look for specific ‘rare’ stickers

To win one of the big prizes, you’ll have to collect a set of two, three or four coloured stickers from the same group of properties on the Monopoly board.

Every year, however, within each group of properties there is a ‘rare’ sticker, where only a certain number of them are available throughout the country. If you manage to find one of these, you’re on to a winner, as the remaining stickers in the set will be common and much easier to find.

Here’s a list of the ‘rare’ stickers to look out for, and the prizes they count towards:

Old Kent Road – McDonald’s medium extra value meal – 1,500,000 available

Euston Road – £30 Boohoo.com voucher – 10,000 available

Northumberland Avenue – Wireless speaker – 3,000 available

Marlborough Street – £250 Red Letter Days voucher – 1,200 available

Liverpool Street Station – Now TV box + pass – 13,000 available

Strand – Playstation 4 – 500 available

Coventry Street – £1,500 holiday voucher – 150 available

Bond Street – Mini Cooper – 20 available

Mayfair – £100,000 cash – 4 available

Check the online game stickers

In each set of stickers, you will get one online game sticker, and this is actually one of the best ways to win a cash prize. Every minute, there are two cash prizes to be won by whoever enters the code at precisely the right time, called the ‘winning moment’. A lot of people throw these stickers away, but they could bag you from £5 up to £100.

Think about what time you enter these codes online too. If you enter at lunchtime, most likely there will be a lot of other people entering at the same time, so there’s more chance of losing out to someone else. If you enter at a non-peak time (eg, first thing in the morning or overnight), you will not have as much competition.

Womble, womble, womble!

For me, a massive part of the McDonald’s Monopoly game is ‘wombling’ other people’s discarded stickers. People come to McDonald’s during the promotion, eat their food and don’t even touch the stickers to see if they’ve won before discarding their packaging. But you can take advantage if this happens by checking to see if there are any instant wins.

In previous years, I’ve spotted empty cups left all over the place with stickers still attached. I’ve claimed loads of free food just by peeling those off and pocketing them myself – and of course, do my good deed by throwing away that lazy person’s litter for them as well. So everyone’s a winner.

Similarly, some people peel their stickers off searching for instant wins, then abandon them if they didn’t win an instant prize. Double check those stickers for yourself, because they might have left one that you need to complete a property set and win a prize. Don’t forget to take the online game stickers too to check if you’ve won. If you’re new to wombling, see our news story.

Use McDonald’s discount vouchers

The free McDonald’s vouchers you get in newspapers, such as the Metro, and on the back of some bus tickets, could be a great help here. For example, getting a Big Mac and medium fries for £1.99 will get you the same two stickers as if you’d paid full price.

The meals you get on vouchers are usually the ones where you won’t get any stickers on your burger/sandwich, but you can still take part with the fries. That way you’re saving money, getting yourself lunch/dinner and entering the competition to get free food – it’s a win-win.

There’s also been a new scheme introduced this month that gets you endless vouchers for £1.99 Big Mac & fries. Read about how it works in my McDonald’s Hack blog.

Get a guaranteed Now TV pass

In this year’s promotion, you don’t need to collect a set to win something – you can get a guaranteed Now TV pass for free just by collecting 10 property stickers of any kind (including duplicates).

Once you have 10 properties of any kind, you can exchange them on the McDonald’s Monopoly website for a one-month Now TV Entertainment pass, Kids’ pass, Sky Cinema pass or a one-day Sky Sports pass. You can claim up to three different passes per person throughout the promotion, but you’d need 30 stickers total to get three.

It might not be the healthiest free food you can win, but if you’re a comper and a McDonald’s regular anyway, then surely this is just a bit of fun – and if you’re lucky, you might bag a seriously hot prize.


By MoneySavingExpert’s Coupon Kid, Jordon Cox

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