Margate town will have its own Monopoly Board


Games of Monopoly have been a staple of English culture for decades.

Whether its following a full-on Christmas dinner or on an alternative to a day on the beach on a wet summers afternoon, we’ve all sat round the table cursing our luck as that competitive relative or a friend, soon to be foe has landed on Park Lane or Mayfair.

It’s impossible not to get competitive over the ownership of  the London landmarks. However before next summer you could be cursing your luck as that same relative or friend lands on Dreamland, Turner Contemporary or even Arlington House. Monopoly have officially announced the they will be releasing a Margate edition of the popular game.

A spokeswoman from Winning Moves UK announced: “We are looking at releasing the Margate edition of Monopoly around March as Margate is such a great place to go during the summer holidays.

“When you think of Kent, a lot of people tend to think Margate. You have Dreamland, the Turner Contemporary as well as little places like the Shell Grotto. It’s one of those locations people would like to have an edition of.”

They want your suggestions for what should fill the iconic board, so look around the town and send your suggestions to [email protected].



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