Man charged for Medway fraud

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Officers have charged a man in relation to Medway fraud. The man in question was charged with fraud after he was reported to have attempted to buy alcohol with a bank card belonging to someone else.

Przemyslaw Krajewski, 31 of no fixed address, has been charged for Medway fraud; one count of theft and one count of fraud on Wednesday 7 March.

The charges related to an incident on Friday 16 February where a man was alleged to have bought alcohol from several stores using a bank card belonging to another person.

The man was also reported to have attempted to use the card in a supermarket in Strood however he was unable to. He is then reported to have attempted to steal some alcohol instead and was stopped upon leaving the store.

On Wednesday 7 March the man was charged with the offences along with one count of possession of a knife in a public place.

Mr Krajewski was bailed to appear before Medway Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday 10 April.


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