Life at CommunityAd – Onwards and upwards!

Onwards and upwards - Life at CommunityAd

I imagine plenty of us felt the doom and gloom which the Euro final left us in on Sunday. Life can’t always be rainbows and butterflies and witnessing the (minority of) reactions to the England final the next day was definitely a huge embarrassment and disappointment.

I am a firm believer that we need diversity in life just like we need opposites and opposing forces. Without the push and pull of life, how can anyone grow and become stronger? What goes up must come down and come Monday morning trust me, it was not a pretty sight! Majority of us were down and nursing a stinking hangover!

Onwards and upwards, Kelly kindly treated us all to a McDonald’s breakfast which was greatly appreciated (we all felt it was needed)! Not going to lie, I had every faith that the double sausage egg McMuffin I scoffed would make me feel better…IT DID NOT…however, we all survived the day and the week really did go onwards and upwards!

As I type this, our sales manager Kat is away at The Open Championship in Sandwich (OMG how exciting!!)

Before Kat left, she made sure to leave the sales team with a fun little game for the week! Three envelopes were up for grabs this week, no one knows what is in the envelope but every time a member of sales makes a sale, they grab an envelope. These envelopes have been fought over all week (sales team are competitive), who knows who will win the contents of each envelope when we get to COB today! All I can say is, I can’t wait to see the three winners face when they reveal what is in each envelope!

More great news, it’s onwards and upwards with our website plans with our strategy to develop our digital solutions going full steam ahead! We have recently increased our focus on the online side of the business, taking advantage of the traffic we have coming to our site via multiple channels and this meant we were very lucky to welcome Emma back to our business! Now, Emma is a fantastically wonderful lady who used to work with our magazine sales however on her return we have managed to welcome her to our digital team with open arms. Welcome back Emma, we knew you wouldn’t be gone for long! And, to top it off, totally gutted I was in a meeting as you did a roly-poly across the office floor for hitting your sales target first week back! WELL DONE (please do another roly poly for me?)

In editorial, amongst Callum’s busy schedule working in the editorial team and his lunch breaks spent at the arcades down Margate seafront playing the grabbing machine, some amazing feedback was received from a lovely gentleman in Witham in regards to an article Callum featured him in. Great to see our magazines and our stories are giving people the recognition they deserve!

Our editor Matt went and visited the chairman of Birchington Parish Council, Cllr Neville Hudson who turned 80 this week! Happy birthday Neville! Keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming tribute to Neville in the next issue of the Birchington Parish Council Magazine!

Production and print wise we have managed to get Sandgate, Ashford, Sevenoaks, Canterbury AND Tenterden off! It has been a VERY busy week!

This is all for now, everyone’s looking onwards to next week with excited talks of our summer cocktail event so until next time, enjoy the heatwave we are expecting this weekend!


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