Life at CommunityAd –On Fire!

Life at CommunityAd - on fire

It’s that time of the year again! Today is bonfire night and the cold, crisp Autumn evening is the perfect reason to set some logs on fire to stay toasty outside.

Whilst we’re on the topic of fire, the bonfire logs tonight aren’t the only things that have been on fire this week! Poor Shaun has LITERALLY been on fire sorting out all our office heating in preparation for the increasingly cold weather! Thank you, Shaun we know how much you hate the heat! If you need some help sorting your heating out do check out our list of businesses providing heating services!


Sales this week has been an absolute blast (firework pun intended). Claire is on fire this week as she has smashed her personal best selling, so much so that she has exceeded the sales target for our upcoming Great Baddow Parish Council Magazine!

Our sales for the week haven’t just stopped at Great Baddow! Spectacularly, our Birchington CommunityAd Magazine AND our Dover CommunityAd magazine has also exceeded target for first time in long time thanks to Gary, we are de-LIGHTED!


This week in editorial, Matt spoke to international poets from Herne Bay, Dan Lake and Lulu Gee. The poetry power couple have sold books world-wide with Lulu also winning the Vera Rich prize in 2013. Matt delved into both Dan and Lulu’s poetry inspirations, most career-defining moments and most importantly, why they love living in Herne Bay? You can catch this in our next Herne Bay CommunityAd Magazine.

Dan Lake and Lulu Gee

Fittingly, for the first week of National Novel Writing Month (aka November), Alice had a very bookish week. For Dover Alice spoke to local author and historian Phil Eyden about his new book, a real labour of love years in the making, about the social history of the military personnel at Archcliffe Fort – including Tim the TERRIER, who went to war with the troops and returned from the trenches with barely a scratch! Alice also spoke to Portrait Bookshop in Herne Bay and learned how on top of its usual book club and coffee meet-ups the shop holds an autism hour every Saturday morning to welcome neurodivergent customers and offer them a calm and stress-free browsing experience. How fantastic!

Callum caught up with Ashford United FC who recently shared the pitch with a brave new mascot, Jack Osgood. Jack is now back playing football after suffering from a life-threatening condition called diabetic ketoacidosis. Callum was extremely proud to share this heart-warming story with our readers so keep an eye out for the next Ashford CommunityAd Magazine coming your way very soon.

And finally in editorial, let’s not forget Dave (we do sometimes because he works from home!) This week Dave had the pleasure of speaking to Canterbury’s Mike Sole, who has a novelty way of reporting potholes, Mike alongside his crime-fighting partner ‘Phil De Pothole’ are trying to better the roads and streets of the city. It’s not every we get to feature action men figurines in our magazines. Find out about Mike;s novelty way of reporting pot holes and much more in our upcoming Canterbury CommunityAd Magazine.



Our distributors are working extremely hard getting all our magazines through your doors in a timely manner. Added to the distribution list this week was our Bearsted CommunityAd Magazine which has gone to print today so that will be landing on your doorstep soon.


Meanwhile, Kelly and Kat have been finalising the plans for our annual sales competition and though it’s top secret for now I’d like to say, the idea is ON FIRE! This year’s sales competition will be slightly different than usual…think game show!!! The format of this year’s competition is so good it has got me all fired up, I want to join in the fun! I know there will be lots of blood, sweat and tears, that is the only reason as to why I think Jess has decided to purchase 144 toilet rolls for the office which arrived today! Place your bets now how long 144 toilet rolls last us!


Enough about the Christmas competition, now let’s focus on the weekend ahead! Hoping everyone has something planned like many in our office do! If not, take a quick look at our short list of firework night events across Kent, Essex, Sussex and Hampshire! Whatever your plans are, I hope your weekend is LIT!


P.S My work and role is getting busier by the day (massively busy) so here’s a heads up…the blogs are unfortunately going to have to go down to a fortnightly occurrence (unless I miraculously find some spare time twiddling my thumbs). With this, see you all on the 19th November!


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