Life at CommunityAd – It’s a Wrap!


17th December it’s a wrap – Here at CommunityAd HQ, all of us are looking forward to a well-earned Christmas break, especially after the restrictions we’ve all experienced as a result of the pandemic, we are all hoping for a more normal Christmas this year spent with loved ones!

A two-week Christmas break is definitely enough motivation for us all to have been working our bottoms off the past few weeks, we are so happy to say… IT’S A WRAP! Usually, this time of year is extremely busy for us, so much so that we end up running round like headless chickens having a fight… however, this year 98% (haha) of us have managed to keep our cool as everyone has been in top form – jobs are being completed smoothly and without sweat which definitely makes for a nice change as we aren’t rushing to finish anything on our last week.

Our last day of work means working till just 11am and then festivities begin! We have Christmas cards, secret Santa exchange and exciting announcements for the Christmas comp and then we are all off home to get ready for lots of frolicking at our end of year company Christmas party; all expenses paid by our wonderful boss Kelly – thank you very much!


It’s a wrap with our sales team who have had a fantastic year! A huge congratulations to all the final competition winners….


  • 4th place Emma – £50
  • 3rd place Gary – £100
  • 2nd place Dom – Luxury Christmas Hamper

And last but definitely not least…

  • 1st place James – Brand new 256gb iPhone 13 with one year contract!!

And now… for the first time ever in CommunityAd history, we are introducing the CommunityAd hall of fame! Taking our very first spot in the hall of fame and receiving massive congratulations is James for winning Salesperson of the Year 😊 outstanding achievement and well deserved! What a lovely trophy to go along with your achievement!

It has been an amazing last week at work, James opened and closed sales for our Canterbury publication in just one day, every sales member exceeded their individual sales targets and on top of that the whole team have smashed the team sales target!!  What a way to finish the year- on an absolute high!

The cherry on the top has been our wonderful sales manager Kat who treated the team to an extravagant Xmas buffet lunch to celebrate the sales team’s success and to thank everyone for all their hard work and support throughout the year.  Kat’s words – They really are a good bunch 😊

Lastly everyone in the sales office would like to wish all their customers a Merry Xmas & New Year and look forward to talking to them all in 2022 to help with all advertising needs.


It’s also a wrap for everyone else!

  • A huge well done to Sarah for handling all digital sales and for smashing her Christmas target which will be earning her a wonderful bonus – well deserved Sarah, you’re doing fabulous at helping all our customers with online marketing, thank you!
  • Our beautiful admin team have contacted all customers and prepared adverts for publications that are due to go to print when we return in the New Year- great work Rachel, Chloe and Aimee! 10/10 for efficiency!
  • Thanks to our creative geniuses in our graphic design team; Matt, Glynne and Steve; for helping us put all our publications together this year and for creating all the artwork – our design has gone from strength to strength!
  • Georgia and Niki, along with the help of our graphic designers and our editorial elite; Matt, Dave, Callum and Alice; have managed to get all publications to print in a timely manner this year! Our readers have definitely been loving all our content so a huge well-done to you all!!
  • Our accounts team Sarah, Alan and James (not as scary as you may think) have done a brilliant job of helping all our customers with their payments and invoices this year – no hiccups – so thank you for being awesome at what you do!
  • Jess handling all operations in our company, making sure we get our holiday and get paid, obviously life would not be the same without you so thank you for keeping us going this year!
  • Shaun – you’ve been an absolute diamond in your continuation to make sure we’re all connected, all our computers work and in building for future plans!
  • Lindsey and Chloe, you both joined our team this year and what a wonderful addition you’ve made our team. Lindsey keep up the good work expanding on our digital ads and trade articles on our website, I must say your article of the year is your Top 5 Reasons to Adopt a Black Cat in celebration of National Black Cat Day! Chloe, got to say well-done again for your post of the year for Rochester Cathedral’s Space Voyage with 438 comments and 229 shares which managed to get all tickets sold out! You have been the first member to join our marketing team to reach and exceed all social media targets for the year! Fantastic content you’ve been sharing so well-done for earning your treat!
  • And finally, to Kelly, thank you so much for driving us all forward this year, no matter how tough it has been in the face of Covid, you keep us all going, motivated, pushing us to success and making sure we’re happy. Thank you for all that you do for the business and for us.


Content to look forward to in our magazines upon our return in the New Year from our editorial team includes Matt who recently enjoyed speaking to all 4 members (Aimee, Eevie, Luke and Sam) of Thanet band State of Mind who have had a sensational 2021 after their debut single ‘Buried Alive’ achieved international success. Matt delved into the band’s influences, the impact the last 20 months has had on them through Covid-19 and their long-term goals.

Just a few miles down the road in Whitstable, Matt also had the pleasure of interviewing the well-established theatre stage Simon Paisley Day. Simon’s impressive resume has seen him feature in films such as Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and Victoria & Adbul; TV series like Whitstable Pearl, Doctor Who and The Crown and theatrical performances including The Lorax, The Taming of the Shrew and Hamlet. Simon delves into his career including upcoming work and also talks about his love of Whitstable. To see more of Matt’s work, check out his favourite article of the year: Mission: conquering Canelo

This week Dave has delved into the world of veganism…. A slight exaggeration as he wouldn’t dream of giving up the Gammon Joints, the cheeseboards nor the gravy that Christmas promises to bring those carnivores up and down this land. However, aware of January’s status as Veganuary he’s been tasked with researching the campaign and trying out a few Veganuary recipes worthy of the magazine. To see more of Dave’s work, check out his favourite article of the year, The tale of Scampi and Nugget

Brace yourself for the shivers as Callum has been joining (only in spirit) local Thanetian Guy Addington in his fundraising quest on behalf of RNLI. Guy has been spent the last 100 days showering outdoors every morning with a hose to raise funds but also awareness of drowning prevention. The aim is to complete a full year of outdoor showers and, with almost £3,000 raised, we hold our cold and wet hats off to Guy and new and icy morning routine. To see more of Callum’s work, check out his favourite article of the year: Swanscombe’s own Karate Kids

For our Billericay and Brentwood magazine, Alice spoke to the Brentwood Climate Action Group about the work they’re doing to bring their community into a greener, more eco-friendly future. Their ultimate goal is for Brentwood Borough Council to declare a Climate Emergency, and in the meantime, they have set up Action Groups to tackle various areas of concern, started ongoing discussions with the council, and are planning for more conferences and programs in 2022. To see more of Alice’s work, check out the chosen favourite article of the year: The Silchester Eagle

There are lots of quality content to look forward to in our magazines so do keep up to date with us on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And do check our website our for any updates.


We will now be closed as a business so we can all enjoy time with our friends and family after what has been quite a fast-paced year. Business will resume operations as usual again from Tuesday 4th January.

It’s a wrap… so here’s to wishing you all a VERY Merry Christmas and a wonderful Happy New Year! Hoping everyone has a lovely break full of festive fun!


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