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Life at CommunityAd – Back of the Net!

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What a triumphant (back of the net) week it has been here in the office, and for so many reasons! Everyone is in fantastically high-spirits following on from our early finish on Tuesday (thanks to Kelly for being the world’s most awesome boss!) Everyone ecstatically stampeded out of the office, pleasantly surprised we could leave work early and rush home to catch the England VS. Germany game at 5pm. Finishing early was SOOO worth it. WE WON! 2-0! Quarter finals here we come! 

Rumour has it Kelly is currently organising our annual summer cocktails event; no source has been able to confirm this rumour however with the excited talks of office drinks in the air the sales team are definitely working hard to prove we are worthy of our next office party! We all missed out on our office outings last year due to Covid so summer cocktails is long overdue (fingers crossed it’s soon Kelly)! Maria is on fire and has successfully secured a hattrick, closing three books this week- space is officially sold out in the upcoming issues of Braintree, Sandgate and Folkestone! If you’re looking for advertising in the Braintree, Sandgate, or Folkestone areas, you’ll have to get in touch for our next issue where some advertising spaces are still available. 

Keeping our sprits high, our Billericay title is proving more and more popular each issue with many new advertisers coming on board! A huge welcome from the CommunityAd family to all our new advertisers. One particular new advertiser, R&R Fire & Security, is so happy with their advertising and the service we provide they have offered us all in the office further special discount with them for those of us requiring alarm systems – we’re in safe hands! And to Gary in our sales team, that bottle of wine you’ve gifted Kat has done wonders, she’s singing your praises! You know the way to a woman’s heart! Kat is so happy she has informed me of the fun sales competition next week (I won’t reveal what the competition is to spoil the surprise now), timed perfectly as we also have a new starter joining the sales team next week which we are also excited about! 

Lots happening in our editorial team this week, a while back we published an article about Olympian, Frank Sando, who attended Maidstone Grammar School. Well… the co-editor of ‘The Old Maidstonian’ which is a newsletter for former students of the school has reached out to us to ask if they can reprint our story! We obviously said yes, we love the fact that local success is celebrated!  

Our editorial team continue spreading good news and helping worth groups in every community get the recognition the deserve! Check out the lovely email below we received this week from the Thanet Male Voice Choir! 

This week has ended SCRUMPTIOUS handmade sausage rolls baked by our very own Niki from publishing, lining our stomachs for the weekend ahead! 

Just 8 teams left and 7 members of the team left in the sweepstake!! Place your bets now, who’s going to take the win?

Here’s to hoping for another (back of the net) victory for England tomorrow against Ukraine (sorry Dave)!


back of the net

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