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Community Ad – Your Local Directory

At the heart of Britain’s economy is the local business.

Behind Britain’s economy lies local businesses that need the support of their community and in turn communities that need the boost and support from their local businesses.

Community Ad has been developed to provide for the individual needs of each community, bringing them together to recognise the important role of the local business, which is at the heart and prosperity of every community – and as a whole the underlining of Britain’s economy.

Generally, local businesses employ local people, while people tend to spend locally too. This gives communities a boost and helps to keep unemployment down.

If each community pulled together, used their local businesses and spent locally, businesses would thrive and communities would prosper, giving everyone, our friends and neighbours, a nicer and more fulfilling place to live while helping with the economy across the whole of the UK.

Buying local can also help with the environment, too, with less packaging and transportation, leading to a smaller carbon footprint.

Keeping it local and getting you through the door – a fresh new inspiration for us all!