Prisons crackdown prohibited items, starting at HMP Swaleside

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Prohibited items were searched for by officers as part of a joint pre-planned operation at HMP Swaleside in Swale.

Kent Police officers visited HMP Swaleside on Wednesday 7 March where they jointly carried out searches of visitors in order to proactively prevent any items entering the prison which are not allowed.

In total there were 30 visitors who were searched as well as a number of prison staff.

During the searches, which involved officers from Kent Police and from the prison, one driver was reported for a traffic summons after they were found to be behind a wheel without any insurance.

Another person was also found to have been in possession of cannabis and was issued with an official drugs offence warning, meaning if they are caught again they would likely face a drugs charge.

Craig West, Community Safety Unit Inspector for Swale said: ‘This was a joint operation by Kent Police and HMP Swaleside. Visitors are always searched when they enter prisons but this operation gave us the chance to assist staff with prison searches and also included staff being searched to ensure the operation was as effective as it could have been.

‘These types of operations help us to gather intelligence and also disrupt and prosecute against any offences which are found while also showing members of the public the work which is ongoing to help proactively prevent any items from entering prisons which should not be there’.

As part of Kent Police’s ongoing work to help prevent prohibited items from entering prisons further joint operations will be taking place on future dates for HMP Swaleside as well as other prisons around Kent.

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