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Wessex Film and Sound Archive, in partnership with West Berkshire MuseumHampshire Archives Trust and BFI Film Audience Network, is bringing an unmissable heritage film experience to a venue near you. Join us for your own exclusive live viewing of footage unseen by the public in over 75 years.


Every year in November we remember the sacrifices made by those involved in WWI and WWII, for whom we thank for the freedoms we enjoy today. Typically, we say thanks to those on the fighting fronts. This year, Hampshire Archives and Local Studies has also taken a moment to think of those who played an integral role back home; those (frequently women) who took up the jobs away from the front lines and worked tirelessly to produce weaponry and aircraft parts. Elliotts in Newbury was one of these shadow factories in which a predominantly female workforce made aircraft parts for the Spitfire, Airspeed Oxford and Horsa Glider.


This winter we are delighted to be screening footage from the factory floor previously unseen in over 75 years. These remarkable scenes follow the women who worked in Elliotts and offer a snapshot of their role. Throughout November, we have three screenings in Basingstoke, New Milton and Portsmouth. This hour-long cinematic experience will differ in each venue, as each site will see a live, improvised score from a different musician. All experienced composers, we look forward to welcoming Stephen Horne, Lillian Henley and Matheson Bayley.




In addition to our exclusive musical scores, we also have commentary from some of the workers featured in the films. Following a successful campaign on BBC South Today to identify some of the faces from the film, we’ve got fascinating narration from a few of the female factory workers. We’ve also attempted to lipread some of the footage, thanks to one of our volunteers, Jan, and her lipreading tutor. You can find out more about that process here. (Spoiler alert – lipreading is very difficult!)





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