Greetings from Nepal! We catch up with CommunityAd regular Sam Johnson

We caught up with CommunityAd regular Sam Johnson to find out where he is on his journey and what has happened since we last spoke.

Regular readers of Thanet CommunityAd magazine will have followed Sam Johnson as he attempts to circumnavigate the globe by bicycle for the next three years. He’ll travel to around 35 countries across five continents, cycling approximately 52,000km while trying to live on less than £10 a day. He is doing this by camping most nights where he can on the side of the road, and skipping luxuries such as beer and good coffee.

But what is it that makes a perfectly normal 30 something year old decide to cycle around the world? To raise £50,000 for UNICEF UK of course.

Sam, who hails from Broadstairs, is currently in Cambodia, having already traversed from England to Turkey and then on into India, Indonisia and onwards. And that’s not even including all the other countries in-between.

He regularly updates his website with insights and stories along the way, and his  daily vlog videos up on his YouTube are definitely not to be missed.


Thailand was beautiful

Speaking of Thailand he said:

Thailand was beautiful and a very easy country to cycle with good roads and always a coffee shop not to far away to hide from the midday heat, certainly a change from the freezing conditions of Nepal. The hills in the north are big, although Laos wins hands down for hills, they just go on forever – the record is 43km of uphill climbing in one push! I was glad to get that one behind me. 

Unfortunately due to technical problems, not least the lack of real Wifi, Sam wasn’t able to write a piece for the upcoming Thanet magazine, but he will return for the next one, as the WiFi quickly picked up as soon as he got to Vietnam, where WiFi is much easier to find.

In response to people asking him for more behind the scene details Sam has started his daily vlogs for life on the road:

I have just started creating a daily video diary on my YouTube channel showcasing what I get up to every day and how I deal with things like selecting wild camp spots (not easy here in Laos with  over 80 million land mines still unaccounted for from the Vietnam war that always pose a threat when wandering off the paths), dealing with local customs and traveling across borders with the bike along with lot else. I am investing in new technology and software  in a bid to constantly improve the quality of the videos.


Sam JohnsonFollow Sam’s progress

To read his latest piece in the current Thanet magazine, check out the magazine here:

To follow Sam and his exploits, follow him on twitter: or go over to his website to read more about his travels or to donate, either to the charity or to Sam himself:

Subscribe to his Youtube to see some of his awesome videos of his adventures:  Youtube



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