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Folkestone Rotary Club – ‘Support for School Uniforms’

The Rotary Club of Folkestone has been working with local schools for many years and recently established that many families within the Folkestone area struggle to provide their children with school uniforms as well as basic needs of shoes. coats and PE items.


The average cost is around £30 for a primary and up to £200 for a secondary school uniform and these assist the pupil to succeed and offer a sense of community and equality.

The club works closely with family liaison officers to identify those families that need support and so far this year we have donated over £1,000 to help them buy uniforms.  There is more to be achieved, however, and we are appealing for donations so that we can help more people.


President Terry Cooke-Davies of the Rotary Club comments  “We appreciate that these are financially difficult times for some people.  Any support you or your businesses can offer by donating would be much appreciated.  Helping the children with a smart uniform will give them a sense of belonging that is so important to us all.  It will no doubt also bring them education benefits, as well as helping parents or guardians who would otherwise struggle.”


It is possible to donate via our special page here: https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/Support4SchoolUniforms. We are also seeking corporate and business support.  Please contact the organiser Sam Wraight via sam.wraight@folkestonerotary.org


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