Yateley Climate Action Network

Set up in 2020, Yateley Climate Action Network (YCAN) is a working group of Yateley Town Council to identify and address issues concerning the climate emergency, while working against the background of the Neighbourhood Plan.


YCAN is working towards a Vision Statement of ‘A safe and green environment where everyone in the community will have full, healthy lives’.

CommunityAd had the pleasure of speaking with YCAN members and Cllrs Alex Drage and Pam Phelps-Jones to find out more…


To readers who may not know, can you explain what the Yateley Climate Action Network is and what your ethos and aims are?

Our aims are linked to the Yateley, Frogmore and Darby Green Neighbourhood Plan which was agreed upon in 2020. The plan refers to sustainability, mitigation of climate change, increasing biodiversity and protection/enhancement of green infrastructure within the town. YCAN was therefore brought into being as a working party in the town council to unify like-minded people to reach our ambitions and goals.


What would you say have been your proudest moments so far through the Yateley Climate Action Network?

Two years ago, YCAN worked together with some of its major partners to establish our Community Orchard at Monteagle Open Space (next to the former Red Cross hut/Scout hut), off Monteagle Lane, GU46 6LU.


Are there any tips you can give to readers on how they can help work towards a safe and green environment in the community?

YCAN encourages residents to start small at home, such as finding out what actually can be recycled in Hart and find out how they can live more sustainably but also to think bigger in terms of lobbying for new green developments and helping with community events (keep up to date by visiting our website and signing up to the mailing list).


Do you have a 5–10-year goal of what you would have liked to be achieved over that period of time across Yateley, Frogmore and Darby Green?

Our vision is to provide ‘A safe and green environment where everyone in the community will have full, healthy lives’. This can take as long as it needs to, but our action plan hopes to take us towards that vision. This consists of 4 areas: Energy, Transport & Infrastructure, Biodiversity and Community which all have lots of action points so if you think you can help out in any of these areas, please join the network.


For readers who would like to get involved, how can they get in touch to find out more?

Please visit our website at www.yateleycan.org.uk and follow us on our social media platforms. Here we will keep you updated with all the latest developments and events that our network is doing, and you can also sign up to join YCAN. Let’s all work together to reverse climate change!

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