Widowed AF Podcast in West Malling

This January two friends launched an eagerly awaited podcast, Widowed AF, that offers listeners a glimpse inside the world’s most exclusive club. The one that no one wants to join.


Rosie Gill-Moss, who lives in West Malling, and Lucinda Boast have been to hell and back. They have lived to tell their stories, and want others to have the opportunity to do the same. Rosie and Lulu met when their lives were blown apart by tragedy leaving them floundering in the no man’s land of grief. To compound things, they couldn’t see themselves represented anywhere in a way that they recognised, leading them to question if they were widowing ‘right’.


Lulu said: “We want to change the narrative about it means to be widowed young (ish). To start a dialogue about what it really feels like to be denied the life you planned. Shame, loneliness and anger are never pretty but it always feels far worse when you think you’re alone.”


Rosie, whose husband, Ben, drowned whilst scuba diving in 2018 said; “None of my friends could even begin to understand the horror of my loss, how it seeps into and contaminates every aspect of your life. Some tried but unless you’ve experienced it, how can you possibly understand?

“Widows often face condemnation, criticism and public opinion on every aspect of their lives. We are not shrouded in black, locked up out of sight.

“We are still here, still fighting, still loving, still feeling. Still living the best life we possibly can without them.

“It is a privilege they were denied and we owe it to them.”


The pair will address eye popping issues like Widows Fire (you have to listen!) as well as discussing protecting grieving children, the dreaded in-laws, death poverty, friendship dynamics and new relationships. No holds are barred, no topic is off limits and no story is too personal. Nor will they shy away from the tough subjects, such as suicide, devastating further losses and drug or alcohol dependency. They will stand with the brave men and women who have the courage to share their stories.


Lulu said; “You’ll need an open mind, a sense of humour and probably a tissue or two nearby.

“We are incredibly proud of who we are and how far we have come. It has not been easy but it has been one heck of a ride.

“It’s time now that people saw inside this world. Statistically it will happen to someone you know, or even to you. We can’t ignore the fact it happens. We are not freaks, not one of us wanted to walk this path, but walk it we do, and frankly, we are done hiding.”


Rosie adds; “Widowhood feels akin to being plunged into sudden darkness. But with snakes. And quicksand. And no torch. Without the support of my tribe of widows I honestly don’t know how I would have made it through those early days.

“This podcast is a tribute to my husband, but also as a sign of solidarity to anyone else whose dreams were snatched away. We will get your voices heard, this I promise”.


For more information, to request a media interview, or to apply to be a guest on Widowed AF, please visit the website or find @widowed_af on TikTok.

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