(We’re All Goin’ On A) Summer Holiday to Cordes Hall!

CommunityAd talk to Spotlights Musical Theatre Group about their upcoming production, (We’re All Goin’ On A) Summer Holiday.


As we get that bit closer to summer in the hope of a few days, or at least a few hours, of lovely sunshine hitting us, we caught up with Spotlights Musical Theatre Group’s Gwen Jones to talk about their upcoming seasonal production of (We’re All Goin’ On A) Summer Holiday…


Can you tell us more about your summer show and what readers who purchase a ticket can expect to see?

CommunityAd Exclusive - (We’re All Goin’ On A) Summer Holiday to Cordes Hall!Spotlights Musical Theatre Group summer show (We’re All Goin’ On A) Summer Holiday will be at the Cordes Hall, Sunninghill between Thursday 11th July – Saturday 13th July. It’s set to be a toe-tapping musical comedy adventure as we whisk the audience away on a ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ involving planes, trains, Greyhound buses and a sailing ship that looks like it’s about to sink!

The story brings together a wide selection of music that the audience will love and recognise. Summer and travel-themed hits from The Beatles, Cliff Richard, Simon and Garfunkel, Catrina and The Waves, and the Beach Boys as well as golden oldies from The Glenn Miller Orchestra and Frank Sinatra are mixed with songs from musical theatre.

The show was written by one of our longest-standing members, Peter Harris. It’s a step away from our usual genre. Hopefully, we’ll have the audience tapping their feet and joining in. We have certainly enjoyed learning new music. Spotlights’ repertoire is mainly musical theatre. Singing pop hits in four-part harmony is not as easy as you’d think. It’s been great to be able to get our teeth into something a bit different for Spotlights.


How have rehearsals been going and how excited are you to showcase all the fantastic work that has been happening behind the curtain?

Music rehearsals started in January and stage rehearsals began in April. Being on stage to rehearse is always an exciting time because the show really starts to come together and the characters come to life. It’s fun to do an original show because we have greater flexibility to develop the plot and the characters and put our own Spotlights stamp on the production.


Are you currently looking for any new members and how can interested readers get in touch to find out more?

New members are always welcome. We rehearse at Cordes Hall in Sunninghill on Monday evenings from 8pm. There’s no audition to join. Experience in singing harmony is helpful but by no means necessary; many of our members don’t read music, or didn’t when they joined. We are very lucky to have two amazing professionals working with us who provide help and support. Our Music Director, Serena Kay, is a professional opera singer and Jo Shepherd is an experienced concert pianist. Together they teach us the music step by step while Serena helps us focus on vocal technique and bringing the best out of the group.

If you’d like to try us out, come and see us at Cordes Hall on a Monday evening or get in touch via email: [email protected]. To find out more about Spotlights, visit our website: www.spotlightsmtg.co.uk or find us on Facebook: Spotlights Musical Theatre Group Ascot.


What further shows do you have planned with Spotlights this year?

We’re in the early stages of planning our Christmas show, which will also be performed at Cordes Hall between 5th-7th December. The show will be one of two halves with a semi-staged musical production of a well-known Christmas favourite in the first half. Followed in the second half by a variety of traditional carols and popular seasonal favourites that the audience can join in with. We’ll be able to share more details very soon.

Visit our website for more information in the coming weeks: www.spotlightsmtg.co.uk


Tickets to Spotlights Musical Theatre Group’s next show (We’re All Goin’ On A) Summer Holiday can be purchased online via TicketSource: www.ticketsource.co.uk/spotlightsmusicaltheatregroup

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