Wayne the Savvy Gardener: sustainable planting in Birchington

I’m Wayne the Savvy Gardener! I specialise in sustainable and wildlife gardening and it is my mission to change the way people think about their gardens, to love their outdoor spaces, enhancing their health and wellbeing.


I’ve always been a passionate gardener, growing up I was inspired by my nan and the late great Geoff Hamilton.

After gaining my degree I became a Research Scientist, then following redundancy I studied for 3 years for my RHS qualifications and a City & Guilds in Wildlife Gardening. I enjoyed a year as a part-time community gardener, and when lockdown hit, like many of us I re-evaluated my life, and studied Garden Design online. Soon after I decided it was time to make the scary jump, follow my dreams and become the Savvy Gardener. Best decision I have ever made!

I set up business with the purpose of inspiring people to get outside and create wildlife friendly spaces which look great and have minimum impact on the planet and pocket. The social aspect – chatting, sharing advice, plant knowledge and exchanging plants is just as important for me as getting the hard work done. Being outside instantly boosts your mental health.

If you create a space you love, you will naturally care for it and evolve it. Rather than a complete makeover like the garden rescue style programmes, I encourage people to assess what they already have, to enhance and restyle it to make it work for them. I am passionate about organic gardening to encourage wildlife as much as possible. With the huge destruction we are having on our planet this has to be the future of gardening for us all! Consider the plants you have, like and are going to use. Getting the right plant for the right place is key. It’s easy to walk into the garden centre and be tempted by a display which may not be suitable for your garden. The art to a great and healthy garden is a natural ecosystem, then the garden looks after itself without chemical intervention. A robust plant fights disease and is less attractive to pests. I encourage all types of wildlife and when established you get a natural balance.

Inspired by the joy I get from helping my clients, I am currently teaching horticulture to children and young adults with special needs and enjoying getting involved with community projects in conjunction with Birchington in Bloom.


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